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Blog Jozef Dubai & Oman

World conquerors – Dubai and Oman

“Dubai is a city “to love or to hate”. I have always been very sceptical about Dubai. This is my first visit to this beautiful city. Yes, beautiful! I feel totally in a different world. It wasn’t long to find the right comparison. New York and Miami; put them in one drum and the result is Dubai.”

Experience Dubai and Oman through the eyes of Jozef Verbruggen.

Blog Peru Joseph

“You aint seen nothing yet”

“Peru, a country with a thousand faces, a zest for life for the Burgundian, full of beautiful cities with history.”

Jozef Verbruggen describes his journey through the land of the Incas. An absolute top destination. The diversity of the country seems almost limitless in terms of nature, culture, landscapes and peoples.