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Champagne business award

Untamed Travelling winner tailor-made travel 2016

In March 2016 we received great news: Untamed Travelling has been named the winner of the National Business Success Award 2016 in the tailor-made travel industry.

We are extremely proud! Proud of winning this prestigious entrepreneur award, proud of the honorable recognition of the success of our mission: realizing unique dream trips for our customers.

Champagne business award


Unprecedented pride, that’s how we feel now!

We have become NUMBER 1 in the tourism tailor-made travel industry of the   largest entrepreneur award in the Netherlands, the Business Success Award!   This award is proof that our organisation is one of the top in the Netherlands and is a leader in its own industry.

Who are we

This is us!

We started a campaign, “This is us.”” A campaign with which we want to introduce you to our level of specialism. Want to convince you of our added value in putting together the perfect travel program.

How are We going to do that?

‘We’, our travel specialists, will always develop a number of ‘Out of the Box’ travel programmes to give you an idea of our limitless possibilities to experience the area   to travel optimally. With the story behind it. And share it with you via website, newsletters and social media.


“Gauchos, penguins, pampas and desert”

The record of a journey through the rugged and endless wilderness of Chile and Argentina

“My adventure starts in Santiago de Chile, after a long 14-hour flight with Iberia from Madrid. A direct flight, short pain. Shortly after noon the last route to Calama in the Atacama Desert…”

Mozambique blog Corno van den Berg

Magical Mozambique

Beaches in Mozambique? Yes, they have a coastline, but at African beaches you think of Gambia, Zanzibar, Kenya or seychelles. Or the coasts of Morocco, Tunisia and Egypt of course. Mozambique will have few people in mind.


Latin America Cultural Summit 5

With such a rich history, Latin America is bursting at the seams of cultural attractions. Here are our five favorite museums, just some of the region’s many cultural riches.


Madagascar, the forgotten continent!

Jozef Verbruggen: ‘Arriving in Tana immediately creeps up on the idea, I want to explore this immense island.   I followed the R7 route. For an obvious reason. Madagascar, 590,000 km2 is too immense to visit at once. Some areas have hardly any roads or have very bad roads. The R7 gives a good impression to landscapes/people and animals/birds. It is, as it were, the average dealer of the many regions that one can visit. Above all, make time to leave the R7 and get off the beaten track.   Then you will experience an even more authentic Madagascar, where time has stood still.’

Blog Dutch Wax

Dutch Wax

Did you know that the original dissined fabrics you buy in Africa in fabric shops come from vlisco’s factories in Helmond? A staggering amount of designs; guaranteed Dutch Wax.

The Netherlands once imported batiks from colony Indonesia. From the mid-19th century, manufacturer Vlisco produced imitation batik fabrics and then appropriated the specific washing technique as wax hollandais. Such high-quality substances were then found to have large deductions on the African market.