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Fam Trip Ecuador

Ecuador and the Galapagos

At the invitation of the Ecuadorian Ministry of Tourism I recently travelled to
for a tour of this small country on the east coast of South America. I had already been there and again I noticed the enormous variety: from snowy volcanoes to tropical rainforest and from colonial cities to the extraordinary Galapagos Islands.

The journey starts in the capital Quito; it exudes the atmosphere of the province, not least by the still large presence of indígenas (Indians) from the highlands coming to the city. No big urban antics, but a beautifully restored colonial centre. Top hotel Casa Gangotena on the Plaza San Francisco is a colonial gem.

Spaceships in the jungle

Spaceships in the jungle

Last night at Sangha lodge. A night adventure, a walking safari. With our own spotlight into the jungle. It’s haunted. A new challenging world. We don’t feel comfortable in the dark. It seems as if a five-ton trunk animal could storm forward from the bushes at any moment. We highlight the trees, which reach like cathedrals to the clouds and form large shadows. We see Potto, beautiful eyes. Great! Minutes later a ‘palm civet’, an omnivore who hunts everything that moves. Very active over our heads.

The next day, get out of bed early. Our ‘boatman’ arrives punctually at 5H30, we leave 2 minutes later for a very adventurous eight hour trip to Ouesso over a beautiful tributary of the Congo Basin. Untethered, an adventure of a lifetime.

Ngorongoro Crater Lodge

Ngorongoro Crater Lodge

As you wake up slowly, the butler fills up your bath. A dream? No, not when you wake up in one of the suites at Ngorongoro Crater Lodge. From that benevolent bath of deliciously scented oils, look out at the imposing, multimillion-year-old Ngorongoro crater.

The Ngorongoro crater is considered one of the wonders of the world and is a ‘world heritage’ of UNESCO. It is the largest intact crater in the world, packed with animals; a true piece of paradise on earth. The nickname of the Ngorogoro crater is also called ‘the Garden of Eden’ and that is not surprising, given the wildlife present. Not only does the ‘Big Five’ live here, the bird lover can also enjoy himself here. Thousands of flamingos wade into the shallow Lake Magadi, as well as dozens of other species of birds. The local Masai are allowed to graze their herds of cattle in the crater during the dry period. A spectacular sight.

CAR Bangui

Bangui Plage, a place to be!

Travelling in Central Africa is not for everyone. Days pass without electricity, without cooling, without comfort. For me personally, as an avid adventurer, Central Africa is a true paradise.Bangui is the capital of the unknown ” Central Africanrepublic“. Upon arrival at the airport, you will be ambushed by handy foefelaars who will immediately try to guide you to a taxi or other vehicle. Keep calm, take everything with a grain of salt and leave for Ledger palace hotel. A large-scale hotel, but a real pleasure to stay in the hustle and bustle of the city. The hotel has a very good service, beautiful pool (only of the city) internet and other western comforts.

Blog Tsila island

Tsika Island Zambia

I would like to take you to one of the special projects in Africa, Tsika Island Camp. As an Africa specialist, we try to work with African partners who support local community and nature projects and find accommodations that create jobs for the local population.

A good example is the Tsika Island Camp in the Lower Zambezi River in Zambia. Since 2010, Chongwe River Camp has opened this camp on beautiful Tsika Island. There is only room for six guests in three bush rooms, each with private facilities. Guests can take part in a 2 to 5-day canoe safari on the Lower Zambezi from Tsika Island Camp.

Mexican cuisine and in particular that of Indian Oaxaca is world famous and declared a UNESCO heritage site.

Mexican cuisine

Mexican cuisine and in particular that of Indian Oaxaca is world famous and declared a UNESCO heritage site. Corn (in tortillas or atole) is still important (Indian) folk food and “the ear pong of life” throughout the country. For the exquisite maistruffels, huitlacoche every Mexican from rich to poor likes to make a detour!

With wonder I have been watching what is sold and prepared. The many types of chili peppers on the market and the convenience where small children also eat them. The most delicious oysters from the trunk of a car on a secluded harbour or the fried chilli locusts of the street hawker. Food is definitely an adventure in Mexico! Discover for yourself the local markets with Indian cuisine goddesses and learn more of the complex traditional cuisine in a warm and inviting atmosphere in Oaxaca. For example, learn to prepare a real Mole!

South Africa Thonga Beach

South Africa – surprising!

‘South Africa, perhaps the most visited country in southern Africa and therefore you would almost think that it is not the most original choice. But nothing could be further from the truth! Of course, it is not for nothing that a country is so popular! If, like me, you can travel the country for a few weeks, it’s incredible what you get to see in that relatively short time. Because of its good infrastructure, facilities and accommodations to everyone’s wishes, it is a wonderful country to travel through. And what a variety! One minute I’m cycling through Cape Town and standing in front of the cathedral where Desmond Tutu was bishop, the next minute an immense whale leaps out of the water at Hermanus in front of my eyes. Culinary I am spoiled at a top restaurant in Franschhoek and taste the wines that come from the vineyards behind it on a winery. And then the landscapes, from rolling hills, wild coasts and endless pine forests with lakes to the imposing mountains of the Drakensbergen. I visit the Mountain Kingdom Lesotho and discover the mountains on horseback and again and again that extremely friendly population. The journey continues to the natural areas of Hluhluwe and Isimangaliso.

Blog chimpanzee

Chimpanzee Oscar

On December 19, 2012, a new film of Disneynature, a nature documentary about chimpanzees living in the rainforests of Côte d’Ivoire and Uganda, will be released. Starring Chimpanzee is 3-year-old Oscar with his family. Oscar loses his family due to circumstances and is ‘adopted’ by a chimpanzee.


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Thailand and Laos

Thailand and Laos, Where the world can’t find you…

Friendly, safe, rich in culture and national parks full of wildlife, the country where even the street food is ‘divine’; Thailand is for everyone! It is high time to experience this in person, and also to make use of the central location in Southeast Asia. By invitation I visit the attractions in Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai, take a trip to the beautiful Luang Prabang (Laos), and finish this eight-day adventure in Bangkok with a lively night out.