Update Coronavirus

The coronavirus keeps us busy. Can we travel again soon? How is safety guaranteed on site and what financial security do you have as a customer? Questions about which we would like to inform you as well as possible. Travel safely with Untamed Traveling.

New Zealand parrot Kea is flying above the clouds at the Kepler Track.

Update Coronavirus

The coronavirus keeps us busy. Can we travel again soon? How is safety guaranteed on site and what financial security do you have as a customer? Questions about which we would like to inform you as well as possible. Travel safely with Untamed Traveling.

New Zealand parrot Kea is flying above the clouds at the Kepler Track.

Update Coronavirus

Travel safely with Untamed Traveling

The coronavirus keeps us busy. Can we travel again soon? How is safety guaranteed on site and what financial security do you have as a customer? Questions about which we would like to inform you as well as possible.

Update – September 26, 2021

CODE ORANGE? NOW FREE TRAVEL INSURANCE! Untamed Traveling offers travelers who want to travel to an orange destination a free continuous travel insurance from Allianz. This travel insurance also covers medical costs at destinations that are turning orange due to Covid-19. This way you can be confident that your trip is properly insured. View the conditions here .

Update – September 8, 2021

Distant journeys come closer

What positive news today! The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs is working on a relaxation of the global negative travel advice, which means that travel to distant destinations will be possible again. Last weekend the travel advice changed for a series Latin American countries already and can travelers who have been vaccinated travel without testing. The expectation is that the world will be closed again in the short term and everyone will be able to fly back to their desired destination. Both inside and outside Europe! The ministry emphasizes that travel is important and we at Untamed Traveling fully support that. Already travel jitters? Our travel specialists are eager to realize your long-cherished travel wish. Take today Contact join us and travel to ‘where the world can’t find you…’

Update – Nov 9, 2020

The key!
It was reported today from various sources that the first corona vaccine is within reach.
Very good results have been achieved which are likely to lead to rapid approval.
Stock prices of airlines skyrocket after pharmaceutical company Pfizer announced that there is an effective corona vaccine.

This is the news we are so looking forward to and we can’t wait to travel again.
If this great news is also fueling your wanderlust, let us your desired destination know and we will get to work for you!

Update – Nov 5, 2020

Last Tuesday, the cabinet advised not to travel for the time being. We are very sorry, because we would like to get back to work for you and have discovered great new pearls. To feed your inspiration, we add sights and travel options every day our website up. In the meantime, we are all waiting for the announcement of a vaccine so that all the beautiful things can be fully enjoyed again.

Have you postponed your plans for a while, but would you like to be kept informed by us when the opportunity to travel is available again? Let us know and we will contact you as soon as your desired destination becomes accessible again. Or make use of our long stays where you can escape to a place where corona is not all-consuming.

If you have a voucher from a previously postponed trip, it is good to know that it is valid for longer than you may think. The new trip must be booked within one year of issuing the voucher; however, you can leave later than a year after issuance. So also only in the autumn or winter and even in 2022. A pleasant prospect! And not unimportant is that your voucher has full coverage by the SGR enjoy. You do not run any financial risk. Redeem your voucher and start packing for a spot ‘where the world can’t find you…’

Update – October 14, 2020

We understand better than anyone that the situation surrounding covid-19 brings uncertainty and are in daily contact with our agents at the various destinations, follow the development of the ANVR and SGR conscientious and aware of the rapidly changing travel advice . This way we stay up-to-date and we can inform you correctly. Our very good agreements with local partners are extensive so that you do not have to worry and can book and travel with a familiar feeling.

If you book your trip with Untamed Traveling, you run no financial risk. If the travel advice of your destination changes, as a result of which we unexpectedly have to cancel your trip, we will look for a suitable alternative in consultation with you. That can be a new travel date or a different destination. In recent months we have been able to rebook many customers to a new date, without additional payment. If you are not yet able to decide on a new travel date or destination, you will receive our corona voucher with SGR coverage. Valid for all bookings made up to and including December 31, 2020.

If you are already traveling and the travel advice changes, we will contact you. We will do everything we can to repatriate you as soon as possible and make sure you get home safely.

Are you going to a destination where a negative covid test is required, but do you test positive? Even then you are entitled to a refund of your travel sum if you cancellation insurance of Allianz has concluded.

We are optimistic and confident that we can travel again in 2021. Perhaps with a little more precautions than before, but in all safety.

Where do you want to go when the weather is possible?

Update – July 1, 2020

As of July 1, 1920, 14 countries have been designated as ‘safe countries’ by the European Union. The health situation in these countries is comparable or better than in the EU. That’s good news for all the travel enthusiasts among us, because in this list we see no less than 11 Untamed destinations!

Old acquaintances like Canada and Japan , but also the newer pearls Georgia and New Zealand welcome us back. The travel advice from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs still needs to be relaxed in order to be able to travel completely free again, but we are positive about that. The safe country list according to the EU contains: Australia , Canada , Georgia , Japan , Montenegro , Morocco , New Zealand , Rwanda , Thailand , Uruguay and South Korea (all in the Untamed range) supplemented with Algeria, Tunisia and Serbia.

Other countries that are not on the EU list are also opening their borders again. The entry ban is recent or will soon be lifted for travelers to:
June 15 – Saint Barths
June 28 – Uganda
July 1st – Ecuador & Galapagos
July 7 – Dubai
July 15 – Maldives
1 August – Costa Rica
1st of September – Colombia , Argentina and Mexico

The travel advice has not yet been adjusted for these countries.

If you would rather not wait for a relaxation of the travel advice for one of the above countries and spread your wings in the short term, our European countries or the Caribbean Islands outcome.

For many destinations, there are more than enough available rooms in the most amazing hotels and lodges if you travel this year. In addition, there are also fantastic specials to be found, so an excellent opportunity to make your trip a succession of experiences. And if the travel advice is unexpectedly adjusted, you can rest assured that we will do everything we can to repatriate you. What will your next travel experience be? Tell us and we’ll design your dream trip.

Update – June 17, 2020

Fortunately, the world map is getting some more color shades. Mostly European countries are converted to code yellow by the ministry (be alert, travel is allowed) and the Dutch Caribbean islands have also been reopened for travel.

Unfortunately, the familiar Untamed destinations to Asia, Africa and the Americas are still orange, despite low death rates and governments have reopened their borders. But as befits a creative team, we also have Europe and the Caribbean special wildlife, great nature and fantastic hotels and lodges have been found for you.

If you book your entire trip, including flights, via Untamed, repatriation is guaranteed. Are you traveling to one of our newest destinations this summer? Our travel specialists design the most beautiful ‘adventures of a lifetime’. Of course, trips for 2021 and beyond can also be booked. Don’t wait too long and travel soon to a place ‘where the world can’t find you…’

Update – May 28, 2020

Multiple countries in Africa and Asia are now virus-free and open their borders again for travelers from all countries. By taking quick preventative measures, some Untamed destinations don’t even count deaths.

Untamed Traveling only works with agents and lodges that strictly follow the protocols of the WHO (World Health Organisation) and the local government. Our agents have recently used to follow all hygiene regulations and safety measures. Airlines pay extra attention to air purification and offer passengers free care kits during the flight. Positive messages for all travel enthusiasts among us.

The following countries will open their borders in the coming months:

– as of June 1
Botswana – as of June 15
Indonesia – as of June 15
Seychelles – as of June 15
Namibia – from 1 July
Sri Lanka – from 1 August

Where are you traveling to soon? Where the world can’t find you …

Update – May 19, 2020

Measures are relaxing, country after country reopens its borders and airlines are cautiously expanding their routes again. Distant places that we could only dream of for a while will soon be within our reach again and you can now book your trip with peace of mind.

Are you leaving for your favorite destination this year or are you already looking forward to your trip in 2021 or beyond? If you are still concerned as the booked travel date approaches, we will rebook or postpone your trip. Even then you can rely on our knowledge, creativity and flexibility. And of course always with coverage from ANVR and SGR.

Recent studies show that countries with wide open spaces are much less affected by the coronavirus. Big voids like there are in Namibia or East Africa are the terrain of many animal species where viruses cannot get a grip on humanity. A safer place to travel to is hard to find.

And your booking is worth so much more, because on the African continent many people depend on travelers. While you enjoy your game drive, wine tasting or excursion, you also contribute to better living conditions in these countries. One employee in a lodge indirectly maintains up to 12 people! You can imagine that stopping travel has a huge impact on the lives of the local population. That is why we choose to work exclusively with local agents and lodges that make the difference. We are committed to small-scale tourism and thereby support the local community. Will you join us? Book your dream trip to places now, Where the world can’t find you…

update – April 24, 2020

Despite the fact that it is not yet possible to travel, people are working on alternatives so that you can soon discover all parts of the world again. Together with industry association ANVR, airlines, local agents and governments, we are working hard to ensure that everyone can travel safely in the future. Perhaps with mouth caps, gloves and extra medical checks. Will innovative solutions such as renewed aircraft seats and glass partitions between seats make their appearance? Who will say. One thing is clear, the world will be travelable again at some point. Until then, keep dreaming about places where the world can’t find you…

UPDATE – March 23, 2020

Even in these uncertain times, the Untamed Traveling team is available for you. The health and safety of our travelers and employees is our top priority. We are currently fully committed to getting all travelers home safely or to book your well-deserved holiday for a later moment.

All customers who were to leave in the coming months have now been called by our colleagues. If you are going to travel after May 31, we cannot rebook anything for you yet because airlines have not yet shared their policy. We will contact you immediately as soon as we can act.

As you are used to from us, we try to realize this in a personal, fast and flexible way. Many of you react very positively and we have already been able to rebook many trips. If you do not yet know what your new departure date will be, you will be offered the corona voucher. This voucher is guaranteed by the GSC and will retain its value for your postponed trip. More information about the voucher you can here find. Would you like to exchange thoughts about your trip or perhaps dream about future adventures? Of course we are also happy to help you with this.

Untamed Traveling is proud of its customers and is also ready for you during this special period. Take good care of each other. be safe.



Jozef Verbruggen

I started Untamed with passion and love for the unknown. I am still enthusiastic about the unknown, new accommodations, pushing your boundaries. I regularly travel to our destinations to taste, experience and discover for myself. Traveling is looking at what is happening around you, but also discovering yourself. It doesn't stop, the more you discover the more you want to know. Everyone prefers to travel in their own way. People, animals, landscapes, cultures; meet and discover. We are all different, which makes it so interesting to share “adventure of a lifetime” with others.

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