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Last places on earth

This week it was revealed in the media that the origin of the coronavirus is a zoonotic disease, probably from bats. But what is causing this is that small-scale tourism to their barely accessible habitats or is wood logging the culprit?

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Art in the Bush – the varnish

Earlier this year, Rens Lipsius and Lieselotte Verbruggen left for the Zimbabwean bush to gain inspiration and create local awareness for conservation and protection; Art in the Bush, a prestigious initiative of Untamed Travelling in collaboration with African Bush Camps. The versatile work of the artists they made after their return was exhibited last Friday – after a soft launch in a Parisian gallery – and offered for sale in the Pulitzer’s packed Garden Room in Amsterdam.

Blog - Art in the bush


Travel companies African Bush Camps and Untamed Travelling are joining forces with Rens Lipsius and Lieselotte Verbruggen for conservation. For a month, the artists take inspiration from the Zimbabwean bush and create local awareness of the need for conservation and protection.

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Ecuador and Galapagos; THE SOURCE!

This is where ecotourism has arisen, protecting both fauna and flora, where people live hand in hand with nature every day. And where Darwin, my hero, collected his Darwin finches and invented the theory of evolution.

Private concessions

Private concessions

On safari we look for the ‘time of that time’. To areas where time has not been a hold of nature, to dramatic valleys and untouched marshes and rivers. Are they still there? I’ve wanted to write this blog for a long time…