"Meno A Kwena. That was a really big gift!"


Tour Botswana & Victoria Falls

Dhr en mevr. maakten een 12-daagse reis door Botswana met de Victoria Watervallen. Ze bezochten de Makgadikgadi Pans, de Khwai-regio, Chobe National Park en de Victoria Watervallen.

Good evening

In April we made a wonderful trip through part of Botswana with the closure of the Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe.

It was a great trip. It was organized to perfection, both from the Netherlands and in combination with the local tour company. The accommodations were exquisite. Of course, it started with flying (business-class), which was a breath of fresh air. We arrived rested! The VIP lounges were not always easy to find at the airports but in the end it all worked out, holder wins.

The transfers were very good, we were met everywhere by friendly people and we didn't have to wait once for our transport (except the flights of course, but that goes without saying). From the first guide/driver we encountered in Maun, it has been a waterfall of information with facts about people, animals and nature, interspersed with the necessary humor. All the guides spoke well-intelligible English. Because we were in the pre-season and there were not many tourists in the first 2 'lodges' we had a private driver during many safaris, what a luxury! Great Landcruiser, very good visibility because the side walls were off, cascading seat placement, good roof on it. The advantage is of course also that during a safari you can just shout 'stop' (gently) and then stop! Of course, you can't do that when the jeep is full of tourists. Asking for a stop was encouraged by the guides too, so you didn't feel burdened.  Although there were not many tourists, all the amenities were there. Everything went well.

The first camp was Meno A Kwena. That was a really big gift! So friendly, so beautiful, so clean, so neat, casual, homely atmosphere, SUPER! We would have liked to stay there another day.

Makgadikgadi and Nxai Pan   were beautiful, especially to begin with. If you had started in Chobe, no, this was a correct order. Well organised from Untamed Travelling.

Hyena Pan Tented Camp was already a bit more touristy. You noticed that at the greeting. Was fine, but definitely a difference from Meno A Kwena. You got a nice thermos bottle that you could fill with water yourself, thought about it. Wonderful safaris, we were also put once in a separate jeep and not at 9 squawckering Danish ladies... that was a good plan! All jeeps drove their own route, not after each other, also nice. What was very nice at Hyena was the water feature for the covered terrace, which was already a safari in itself.

Chobe Bakwena Lodge in Chobe National   Park was again a bit more touristy, also more businesslike, there we missed the friendliness a bit, but otherwise beautiful accommodation, everything luxurious and delicious food. Beautiful safaris, but here indeed radio contact, so then you will suddenly be with eight jeeps with a lion family. We found that a little less, but we don't complain, just wants to indicate the differences in experience.

The Victoria falls were breathtaking, beautiful place to exit and the Batonka Guest House is sublime! Exceptionally friendly staff!

All in all we enjoyed as much as you can read. I kept a diary, I cherish it because otherwise many memories would have been lost, highly recommended for every traveler.

I hope this will help you. I'd say keep it up, thanks, it was great!