"A perfect formula for a great vacation"


Klantervaring Cees,Canada,Lake Moraine

Cees, along with his wife, took an unforgettable train trip across Canada from Halifax to Montreal.

Dear Untamed employees,

Kedeng, kedeng. If you want to enjoy the rhythmic and relaxing sound of slow train wheels over endless rails for once, you should book a train trip across Canada, from Halifax in the east to Vancouver in the west. Some 7,000 kilometers of pure enjoyment. And you should book the trip with Untamed Travelling: great service, good organization, friendly staff. A perfect formula for a great vacation. You will get a unique experience of the gigantic size of the world's second largest country, see changing landscapes pass you by, and along the way you can stay in luxurious hotels, such as in Montreal and Toronto, where you can indulge in the candid hospitality of Canadians. The view from the panaroma wagon of the passing landscape is captivating and entertaining, but once in the Rockies, it is breathtaking. All this enjoyment is further enhanced by fine dining on board the train in a special and tasteful dining compartment. To make it all even better, you can stay an extra day in Halifax at the beginning of your trip in preparation for your trip and take the opportunity to explore this fascinating port city, deeply marked not only by its French and British history but also by a modern, innovative and tasteful renovation. At the end you will stay a few days longer in Vancouver, perhaps the most beautiful city on the North American continent, where a visit to Vancouver Island and especially a whale watching boat trip is an absolute must. What more could a man want.......

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