"Great weather enjoyed and service on location as we are used to untamed"

Edgar de Beule

Tour Peru

De heer De Beule en zijn gezelschap reisden bijna drie weken lang door Peru. Het programma startte en eindigde in Lima en in de tussentijd bereisden zij de Heilige Vallei, Machu Picchu, Cuzco, het Titicaca-meer, Colca Canyon, Arequipa, Paracas en Mancora.

Hey Joseph,

Are you okay? Thanks again for a great trip, Peru is superb. Fly back to Lima tomorrow from Mancora and finish dinner in Central to make the return flight to Amsterdam on Tuesday. 2.5 weeks great enjoyed weather and service on location as we are also used to untamed in Tanzania, super!

That tastes like more, which is why we want to look to visit Horssen sometime in the next few weeks. Concrete question to inspire us for the 2017 trip as you did last year. We are not yet bound by a date, although it should not be in January ;-). Would love to go away for two weeks and hear from you some ideas of beautiful places in the world, get them out of the top hat!

You'd love to hear.


Edgar de Beule