"Fantastic color combinations"

Jeroen & Desiree

Autumn in Japan

Jeroen and Desiree made a varied tour through Japan in November 2019. From Tokyo they traveled by train to Nikko, historic Hiroshima, Nagasaki and Fukuoka.

We have been home for 2 days now from an incredibly beautiful trip through Japan. We saw a lot and also learned a lot about the country. It really has been an unforgettable journey. Thank you for that. Japan certainly surprised us a lot.

We were able to enjoy the beautiful fall colors. The color combinations were really fantastic. Because the weather was also so mild for the time of year, the colors were also extra intense. We certainly do not regret that we chose autumn and not spring.

The friendliness and helpfulness of the Japanese is really special. That certainly contributed to making this trip so unforgettable. And despite the fact that the language was regularly a barrier, we still had very nice and special contacts.

The street food tour, the tour with the guide through Tokyo, the Hida cycling tour and the bike tour through Kyoto all went very well. Unfortunately, the canoe trip at Miyajima was canceled due to bad weather.

The hotels were fine and especially the nights in the Ryokan's were very nice. The overnight stay and morning prayers in Koyasan were very special to experience.

This journey will stay with us for a long time to come. It has been a special experience in several ways that we absolutely did not want to miss. Thank you for all your effort and we will certainly keep in touch with you in the future.

Jeroen & Desiree van Alphen