"Uganda, the pearl of Africa"

Laura van Logten


Round trip Uganda

Laura started her tour in Entebbe and then continued to Murchison Falls, Kibale National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Bwindi Forest and Lake Mburo.

Dear Untamed Travelling,
Uganda, the pearl of Africa!
What a wonderful trip we made with Untamed Traveling, everything was really perfectly taken care of.
We expected a lot from this destination but “got” so much more, we thought the Gorillas and the chimpanzees would be highlights but really every day was a highlight!
The beautiful nature, the wildlife up close, countless beautiful birds, the friendly people…
In our 11-day journey we covered about 1700 km, this was quite a lot but the car rides were anything but boring, there is so much to see on the way, many types of monkeys, nature is beautiful, waving children, boda bodas (bicycle taxis) loaded with the craziest things, unimaginable!
Uganda has stolen our hearts! We will definitely go back, then we will also visit the east side! Of course with Untamed Traveling again!
Laura van Logten