"A journey you will never forget"


Customer experience Lode Demeulemeester Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe's game parks and waterfalls

In November this year, Mr. de Meulemeester traveled to Zimbabwe, where after his arrival in Harare, he visited the wildlife parks Mana Pools, southern Hwange and the world-famous Victoria Falls.

Hi Michal,

I have been back home from Zimbabwe for a week now . In the meantime, we've already had enough of the rain and snow. I just wanted to thank you and your colleagues again for the great trip. Harare was an ideal relaxing start for my leave. African Bushcamps was very special because in Kangaother guests were only present on the first day and in Somalisa just one couple on the last day. Exept those moments it was just the staff and me 🙂

Safaris were great and I saw all the animals I desired to spot. Experienced wonderful days with the guides (Cliffy and Godwin). The rest of the staff also was very friendly and we shared nice moments / good food / good conversations. Vic Falls also very beautiful, just a bit of stress when the PLF didn't go and got messages all the time about the new variant / canceled flights / quarantine. But got home safely, also tested negative twice in Belgium and didn't have to do a quarantine. In short, a trip I will never forget.

A big thank you for the good organisation, the perfect service and the always new solutions offered when corona threw a spanner in the works.

Many greetings and maybe see you again 😉


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