"Relief from A to Z so we enjoyed every moment of the trip"

Michelle and Peter

Klantervaring Michelle en Peter,Namibië,landschap

In January 2024, Michelle and Peter took an unforgettable two-week tour of Namibia that included exploring the Kalahari Desert and Swakopmund, taking a multi-day hike in Etendeka, exploring the nature and landscapes of Etosha and the Waterberg Plateau, and ending their trip with a stay in Erongo Mountains. Where the world can't find you...

Hi Mariette,

We really had a wonderful trip through Namibia. That we were able to experience all of that, we are still a little perplexed. It was super!

All locations were very good and beautiful and the care at all locations was really top notch. How well they know hospitality there and how beautifully and well they can decorate the venues. And then we were in the three star ranges, but really, super!

Both hikes we did were so cool. So great to experience the country that way. The first, the Kalahari walk is really pure luxury , what a surprise every time. The Etendeka walk is really great too, sleeping in the open air, bucket shower and again so good food. We were really just the two of us everywhere, so luxurious!
Pass in Waterberg we had fellow travelers at the rhinotracking, again it was nice. All the other activations were also a joy to experience and nice that it was so well predetermined.

At the King Nehale lodge in Etosha National Parkwe had a filtered private pool in very hot weather. So there we skipped the afternoon activity that started at 2 p.m. and had a lovely afternoon at the lodge. Super location, wonderful to spend a day there!

What I really liked were the documents you had attached. We had made three ring-bound booklets that we traveled with every day. The vouchers, the day-by-day description, and the explanations of the locations and regions. That was truly a 'de-emphasis' from A to Z which really allowed us to enjoy every moment of the trip, top notch!

We really feel that within our budget, you got the maximum and the most special out of it, fitting our needs!

Our thanks,

Michelle and Peter

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Namibia Swakopmund


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