"In Satpura NP we experienced the safari of our lives: a tiger 2 meters away!"

mr. van den Heuvel

In Satpura NP we experienced the safari of our lives: a tiger 2 meters away!

Natural Parks India

Mr. Van den Heuvel and his travel group made a round trip to the nature parks Velavadar NP, Gir NP, Satpura NP and Pench NP where he made various safaris. 

Dear Untamed Travelling,
In your welcome-home card (thank you), ask about our experiences during your organized trip through the nature parks of West and Central India. Here are our best experiences:
Everything was punctual and perfectly organized down to the last detail, by only highly skilled people. The language skills of the guides were good to very good and the vehicles were also very comfortable. This made traveling very pleasant. In addition, the road network has been greatly improved at a rapid pace, making traveling more and more comfortable.
We had a delicious meal, despite the fact that the dishes are very spicy. We often asked to season it mildly, but your mouth was still on fire! 
In all my life I have stayed nowhere better than in Reni Pani Cottages in the Satpura National Park . The rooms - say suites - were spacious, spotlessly clean with luxurious bathroom facilities and a spacious balcony with a view. Here we slept wonderfully in absolute silence. Really the best stay in India (I'm talking about three trips) with a very good restaurant. 
We also experienced here the safari experience of our lives : a huge male tiger barely 2 meters from the jeep! Thanks to the guide, Edwin, who instead of the 'night drive' escorted us to a beaten gaur to which the tiger (as expected) returned.
Also Pench NP We found it very beautiful with many animals, beautiful panoramas and a good driver / guide. Again we saw a tiger and a leopard!
In Tadoba NP we stayed in Svasara Lodge , again a wonderful stay in beautiful rooms, very good sleeping comfort and therefore a nice place to end the tour.
Mrs. Jaspers, thank you for organizing this wonderful trip, you are truly the BEST.
Thank you,
Wim Van den Heuvel