"A journey with really only highlights!"

mr. Wiegand

A trip with really only highlights!

Round trip Cape Town - North Cape

mr. Wiegand and his wife traveled through South Africa for over three weeks. He drove from Cape Town to the North Cape via beautiful nature reserves such as Clanwilliams/Cederbergen, Namakwaland, Augrabies and Kgalagadi.

Dear Trees,

We would like to thank you for putting together the wonderful journey we were able to make last winter. A trip with really only highlights (including Paternoster, Springbok, Naries Namakwa Mountain Suites, Tutwa Desert Lodge and !Xaus lodge). We flew out of South Africa with great memories, of course many beautiful photos and with pain in our hearts. This certainly wasn't the last time! So thank you again for your efforts and to everyone at Untamed!

Sincerely and until next time, let's just say,

Bep van Schrevendijk
Hans Wiegand