"What a wonderfully beautiful nature this country has!"

Petra de Jong

What an amazing beautiful nature this country knows!

Argentina tour

Mrs. de Jong made a tour of Argentina with two people. After an extensive introduction to Buenos Aires, she travels to Salta. Then she made a self-drive to Cachi, Cafayate, Pumarmarca with the final destination Iguazu. In total, her journey lasted 18 days.

Dear Sir / Madam,
We had a fantastic trip in Argentina, what a beautiful country. We were especially surprised by the variety in landscapes. What a wonderfully beautiful nature this country has. We experienced the organization as very good, everything was arranged down to the last detail, the transfers were also all on time (one was even fifteen minutes early, we did not expect that). We do have feedback on a number of points that we would like to share with you.
  • The hotels were really great, in terms of location and service. Mostly El Cortijo we have experienced it as very attractive and Vinas de Cafayate had a really magnificent view. In El Cortijo we got a nice room, but unfortunately there was a heavy smoke smell (from the fireplace built against it on the other side). The hotel has solved this very neatly and immediately provided us with a great other room. Unfortunately our room at the hotel in Buenos Aires was very filthy. We were offered an alternative a bit late, so moving to another hotel no longer made sense for us. In our opinion, this could have been a little better and faster.
  • The car was fine for our tour and was delivered neatly. The directions were nice as well as the extra info next to the GPS. We would have liked to receive a more detailed description of how to get to the rental station at the airport. We often had to ask for directions. 
  • Unfortunately we didn't walk the Macuco trail in the end. The trail was closed the day before because pumas had been spotted. The day we went the trail was 'open', but at your own risk. But because no guide was going to go with us, we finally decided not to walk him. 
  • On one of our longest travel days, May 1, everything was closed, so it was very difficult to get food and drink on this travel day and it was very difficult to exchange money. It would have been nice if we had known this in advance, so that we could stock up on something the day before.
  • Finally, we did an excursion that we would like to share with you: the Acsibi Caves in Seclantas. We found this one ourselves and did it on our own, but this was truly an unforgettable experience! It is an excursion on private land of the owner, who has lived here all his life. You start at his finca, after which you drive over the property in jeeps and then continue walking. A hike over rocks and through untouched nature to the caves that were only discovered 8 years ago. 
I hope this feedback is of some use to you. It may seem a bit much, but despite this feedback we had an unforgettable trip. We hope you can do something with this feedback to make your travels even better. Thank you very much for the good organization!


Mieke Schroe
Petra de Jong