"I can't help but say that my wishes have come true perfectly."

Ronald van Kleef

I can't help but say that my wishes have come true perfectly.

Tour Chile, Argentina and Brazil

Ronald van Kleef maakte een 18-daagse rondreis door Chili, Argentinië en Brazilië. Hoogtepunten uit zijn reis waren San Pedro de Atacama, de watervallen van Iguazu (zowel Argentijnse als Braziliaanse kant) en Rio de Janeiro. Hij reisde met een privé-chauffeur en maakte in iedere stad diverse excursies.

Dear Robert,
With this I want to thank you (& everyone at Untamed) very much for the fantastic journey I have been able to experience!
Can't help but say that my wishes have come true perfectly. In particular, my expectation of Iguazu has far exceeded what I have actually experienced there. The days there have been really fantastic!
The boat ride under the falls was a great fun experience, but the ultimate pleasure came when the helicopter flight over the falls. Apart from that, just watching both the Argentine and Brazilian side is really overwhelming and for me the absolute highlight of this trip!
In short by city:
- Santiago: I enjoyed myself in the tallest tower of Santiago on the 62nd floor and in the Hard Rock Cafe
- San Pedro: great fun village, pretty intensive excursions (I didn't expect) which are totally worth it. Valle de la Luna, Lagunas Altiplanicas and Tatio Geysers were really particularly beautiful and the weather conditions were perfect.
- Salta: Unfortunately, I expected something more from this myself. The city itself couldn't please me. The excursions, on the other hand, were expected. (maybe because San Pedro liked it so well that Salta didn't make it in terms of expectation, but that's my personal opinion)
- Iguazu: I am so very happy to have been able to see this Natural Wonder in every possible way. I recommend this to everyone (family, friends, colleagues) to see this one day. And as a top point the helicopter flight! Super awesome! Not to mention, the Bird Park was also a lovely experience. Seen a lot and also with a python in the picture! It's a lot of fun!
- Rio de Janeiro: Excursions were top. Sugar Loaf Mountain,view of Rio was absolutely beautiful! Christ's image literally fell into the clouds, so I could only see a shadow of it. I don't care, because at the end of the day, we were all at the top of the table in a dent of laughter at the situation. Tijuca Forest Jeep tour would be half day excursion that had run out slightly. We have seen so much and the weather was lovely! All in all, I actually had to tie an extra 1 or 2 days to really enjoy Copacabana. However, I can't complain about the excursions that were totally top notch!
In addition, I should mention that the private transfer from San Pedro to Salta has been very well liked. The guide/driver loves the same music as me and we had a great fun ride, with extra stops at Laguna's that weren't on the route but are worth it. Extra stops made at salt flats and beautiful panoramas in the Andes mountains.
It's a somewhat long story, but it's been worth it!!
Thank you again for this very beautiful nature trip!