"The most beautiful trip I've EVER taken!"

Ronald van Kleef

Beautiful Peru, fantastic Ecuador and the indescribable Galapagos Islands

Mr. Van Kleef traveled through the "South America in a nutshell", stayed in the "biological treasury" and ended up in "the realm of the sun". Ecuador, the Galapagos Islands and Peru in 31 days...

To get straight to the point: this was the most beautiful trip I've ever made!

The Galapagos Islands in particular were special. The emotion you feel and the experiences you experience there are indescribable. Photos and videos cannot (in my experience) convey what you experience there. This was the first time I was in a place on Earth where I had to admit: I want to stay!

The trip through Ecuador was also very special; eaten with local people and tried strange local (but very tasty) drinks. The guide and I got along very well, he understood exactly what I did or did not want to spend time on. This allowed me to experience everything well without having to worry about other travel companions.

Then Peru, which is also indescribable. Racing with a dune buggy through the desert, Machu Picchu, Nazca lines, Inca temples, very beautiful valleys, the condors we were very lucky with (6 to 7 condors) and of course the never to be forgotten magical Amazon. Etc. etc....

As a lover of nature and animals, I can only say that you have put together a perfect trip for me, with the Galapagos Islands as the highlight. Followed by the Amazon and Machu Picchu. I could write a 100-page story here, but that's going to be a bit much.

A small negative detail about the Peruvian tour guides (this does not apply to the Amazon): a different tour guide every day or after two days. Every tour guide always tells the same story, which means that there is less or no time to do your own research. In Peru I was with several international people and at times (however rude it may be) me and two others have separated from the group and already walked ahead to find the exceptionally beautiful spots for views, photos etc.

Other than that I can't say anything else; it has been well worth the money. You have tailored the trip really well to my wishes and I was able to do almost everything I dreamed of for this trip.

Finally, once again my heartfelt thanks to Trees, as my first flight was grounded by the airline. Thanks to her, I didn't have to fly the next day on a 17+ hour flight via Spain to Quito. Here too I can only say that this farce of the airline has been handled perfectly by Trees. In my opinion, this gives a lot of confidence in a travel organization. Thank you so much again!!

It was fantastic, wonderful, perfect, magical, beautiful, exclusive, special, overwhelming, traditional, adventurous, exceptional and the best trip I've ever made. The memories will last forever!

I hope to be able to book with you again soon.