"As far as we are concerned, Untamed travelling is highly recommended as a travel organizer"

Thomas and family

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Thomas and his family discovered Namibia on a wonderful self-drive. They traveled from Windhoek, through the Kalahari Desert, Sesriem to Swakopmund, visited the Erongo Mountains and enjoyed wildlife in Damaraland and Etosha National Park to end their adventure at the Waterberg Plateau.


We had a wonderful travel experience. Namibia Is a wonderful travel destination. Our trip went as planned. You guys have organized this brilliantly. We were able to do everything at our own pace without feeling like we hadn't seen everything. There were plenty of rest stops and the trip was very well tailored to teenagers who don't always enjoy being in the car for long periods of time. The directions took us effortlessly to our next destination.

The places to stay were gems one by one and nice was the variety (tent/lodge/guesthouse/b&b)

Thank you for the wonderful travel experience and as far as we are concerned Untamed travelling is highly recommended as a tour operator.


Thomas and family

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Damaraland is a special region with highlights such as the Brandberg, Twyfel Fountain and the rare desert elephants. When you…