"The absolute highlight of the trip was the Etosha N.P. The number of animals we spotted was overwhelming."

Willy Neys

Namibia tour

De heer Neys en zijn gezelschap reisden in juni 2016 bijna drie weken door Namibië. de Kalahari woestijn, Sossusvlei, Swakopmund, Damaraland, Grootberg, Etosha N.P. en Okonjima stonden op het reisprogramma. 

Hello Trees, Joyce and the other members of the team,

Unfortunately, a beautiful trip has come to an end, but the memories will remain!

Both the flight and the journey itself went smoothly. The reception and explanations by the local agent at Windhoek airport were excellent. We really enjoyed the Namibian landscapes, the fauna and flora and... the people. Rarely meets such kind and helpful people. Our Toyota Fortuner 2.8 was a fantastic car that proved its worth especially on the gravel roads.

About the lodges only good. The choice of Bagatelle (contact with the San people), Kulala (Sossusvlei), Grootberg Lodge (visiting the Himbas), Etosha Village and Onguma (Etosha NP) and Okonjima was a hit. Also the Stiltz was allowed to be there mainly because of its originality. The meals were everywhere of fine quality. Every night we were looking forward to what the menu had in store!

In Walvis Bay we really enjoyed the boat ride in the lagoon. Pink pelicans and fur seals stole the show and came to greet us in person. A only experience!

Sossusvlei with its meter-high dunes was impressive; Death Vlei offered a surreal spectacle and Dune 45 was a third attraction.

The absolute highlight of the trip, however, was the Etosha N.P. The number of animals we spotted was overwhelming. Elephants, springbok, kudoes, oryxes, giraffes, blackfaced impalas and saddlejacket supplanted themselves in front of our lens. To our delight, even the lions, the cheetah, the elk and the rhino were on the bargain. A real delight for the nature photographer!

Okonjima and the African Cat Foundation made a nice end to the trip. The tracking to the cheetahs and the spotted hyena as well as the visit to the Foundation (meeting with cheetahs and leopard) were very enjoyed.

It was a wonderful trip in a single beautiful country.

Willy Neys
Beringen, Belgium