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Anna Ruys

“I loved every minute! What a wonderful country!”

Miranda & Jos van den Broek

“We will go back again!”

Yolaine Prévost

“Cambodia, you imagine yourself in another world…”

Sam & Anthony Vanherpe

“We have never found ourselves in an unsafe situation”

Albert and Willeke Lukens

“Everything was excellently organised”

Mr. Hamelinck

“Hotel Tierra Patagonia is truly ‘the max’! Superlatives fall short to describe this experience!”

Marie-Anne and Anton Koopman

“Our India trip was an amazing experience!”

Greetings Hancke

“The rainy season was definitely not a nuisance”

Laura van Logten

“Uganda, the pearl of Africa”

Mr. and Mrs. Schouten

“Japan is one big photo paradise!”

Linda and Nick

“A good network of drivers and guides who are in constant contact with each other makes these beautiful African countries easy to travel.”

mr. bohez

“Overwhelming natural beauty, program with great variety, an absolute must!”

Laura and Pieter Quak-Verborg

“Friendly people everywhere”

mr. Kattestaart

“‘It was a special experience and experience to experience all this!'”

Bernard De Canniere

“Just thanks and profiat!”

Geert Vercauteren

“We are immersed in the Bhutanese culture and its customs!”

Francien Konsten

“Wow, wow, wow, what a fantastic trip!”

Kristien Buyse

“4 happy people have returned home with a suitcase full of beautiful memories that we will carry with us for a lifetime!”

Mr. and Mrs. Audenaerd

“A journey to remember.”

J. Goffart

“We found it super and everything was well organized!”

Fam. Mulders

“It was unbelizebel”

Co & Joke Vink

“It was right from A to Z”

Gert & Guy Claessen

“An unforgettable journey through West Africa!”

mr. Braam and Mrs. from Hapert

“Every day was special, but we didn’t want to miss the Omo Valley, the Bale Mountains and especially the Danakill Depression.”


We are happy to help you put together your dream trip. Based on your wishes, our regional specialist will put together a tailor-made trip for you. A travel proposal with highlights you have chosen, the type of accommodation that suits you and the length of travel you wish for. Contact us without obligation. We are happy to advise you!


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