Journeys Namibia

Excellent service and untethered beauty

Journeys Namibia

Excellent service and untethered beauty

Journeys Namibia

Breathtaking scenery from eco-friendly lodges

In scenic locations amid the untethered beauty of Namibia,you'll find peace in the comfortable eco-friendly lodges of Journeys Namibia. Behold the color play of a dazzling sunset over the Fish River Canyon from your bedroom, take a dip in the pool overlooking the infinite Cliff River Valley, or watch an elephant march past the restaurant in Hobatere,near Etosha National Park. Enjoy the excellent service of the friendly local staff who do everything they can to provide you with an authentic, personal experience and share the intimate passion for the unique landscape and the people of Namibia. Go through the magic and you understand why so many return.

One of our favorite lodges of Journeys Namibia is:

Fish River Lodge

Surrounded by iconic duct trees in the Canyon Nature Park, you'll find the Fish River Lodge,the only lodge located right on the edge of the canyon of the same name. Enjoy an unmatchable sunrise and sunset above the canyon, set out with professional guides for a hike to the heart of the Canyon, and discover wildlife on a 4x4 vehicle tour of the Karoo. Bring a good camera, not only for the unique animals you can spot but also to capture the photogenic landscape with stunning views. Sample the delicious home-cooked meals and after an intense but fantastic day take a refreshing outdoor shower to finally count the stars from your skylight. Where the world can't find you...

Other lodges of Journeys Namibia are:

  • Grootberg Lodge
  • Hobatere Lodge

Tips & Tops Journeys Namibia:

  • The lodges are small-scale: Fish River Lodge has six double and fourteen twin rooms, Grootberg Lodge boasts fourteen twin chalets and two family chalets and Hobatere Lodge has six twin and six double rooms
  • With a strong focus on ecotourism and community development, all lodges strive to give you a memorable stay
  • Take part in various activities such as adventure walks and bike rides, search for desert elephants and black rhinos in Grootberg, spot wildlife during day and night safaris by 4x4 vehicle in Hobatere, and visit the authentic farms of the hospitable Damara people
  • Journeys Namibia is proud to be part of a country that protects more than 44% of its land area under some kind of protection policy, allowing wildlife to roam free

Rondreizen Namibia

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Photo's Journeys Namibia

Journeys Namibia,Grootberg Lodge chalet
Journeys Namibia,Grootberg Lodge bedroom with a view
Journeys Namibia,Grootberg Lodge pool with drink
Journeys Namibia,Hobatere Lodge treehouse
Journeys Namibia,Hobatere Lodge treehouse view
Fish River Lodge, Namibia, views