The most photographed beaches on Earth


The most photographed beaches on Earth

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Beaches that are among the most beautiful on earth, a flora and fauna so unique that it has been awarded World Heritage status and the best cuisine of all the islands in the Indian Ocean… welcome to the Seychelles ! This group of islands just south of the equator offers a range of possibilities for a dream holiday. Sunbathers, swimmers, snorkelers, divers, sailors, anglers, hikers, nature and culture lovers, they will all find their Eldorado in the Seychelles. In order to save this earthly paradise from decay, the government is promoting luxury and sustainable tourism. A visit to the Seychelles is the ideal conclusion to a safari in Eastern or Southern Africa.

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La Digue Island

Pearly white beaches and granite boulders

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Praslin Island

Less mountainous than Mahé and therefore blessed with a paradisiacal flora. The island is so special that it was once thought that this was the real Garden of Eden. The many palm trees explain...

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Mahé Island

Mahé Island is the largest of the 115 islands and comparable in size to Texel. It is also called island of abundance because of its rich flora and fauna. You can make the most of it...

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The Outer Islands

Untouched nature and the ultimate romantic escape

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