Round trip northern Madagascar

Varied natural beauty and tropical beach stay on Nosy Be
14-day roundtrip

Foto: Tatogra

Round trip northern Madagascar

Varied natural beauty and tropical beach stay on Nosy Be
14-day roundtrip

Foto: Tatogra

Round trip northern Madagascar

Varied natural beauty and tropical beach stay on Nosy Be

The atmosphere of the far north of Madagascar is different from other regions. The population is different - this is the domain of the Sakalava, among others - and there are more Arab, Portuguese and Swahili influences. During the trip, there are often opportunities to explore the area and get a glimpse into the local life of the Malagasy.

The climate is warmer and more humid closer to the equator and so close to the sea, which is never far away. The coast is not only a pleasant place to be, it is also scenically beautiful and varied. That diversity continues further inland, with the unique karst landscape of the Tsingy of Ankarana and the magnificent forest giants of the Amber Mountains. Very pleasant is that the travel distances are relatively short, compared to the rest of Madagascar. You will be on the road for half a day at most and the roads are quite good. Final destination of this tour is the tropical island of Nosy Be, a blissful and very complete beach destination.

The Three Bays

The beautiful coastal walk along Sakalava, Dunes and Pigeons bays offers the perfect balance of exercise and relaxation. You will walk sometimes on the beach and sometimes on a rocky path, passing idyllic coves and little beaches. There is plenty of time for swimming and picnicking, or just relaxing and enjoying the beautiful surroundings. Rinse the salt from your skin after returning to Diego Suarez and enjoy - rosy from the sun - a drink and a delicious dinner.

In search of lemurs

You will visit the famous Amber Mountain National Park, where you will have the chance to spot as many as seven different lemurs. Several species of lemurs also live in Ankarana National Park in the forests around and in the Tsingy, but they can also sometimes be seen on the pointed rocks of this wondrous karst massif. Bring your binoculars and watch the lemurs effortlessly navigate the razor-sharp rocks. On Nosy Be, if you wish, you can do another search for lemurs in Lokobe National Park.

Nosy Be and Nosy Komba

After a boat ride of about an hour, you will reach another world. During your multi-day stay on the tropical Nosy Be Archipelago, there are plenty of opportunities for activities both at sea, in the sea and on land. This is also the ultimate destination to let all the impressions of the trip sink in. Enjoy sweet coconut, spices and fresh lobster, and round off your meal with a "rhum arrangé," local rum with a natural flavor of your choice: lychee, vanilla, banana, cinnamon and clove...there is plenty to choose from! Where the world can't find you...

Tips & Tops Round trip North Madagascar

  • Explore the colorful historic city of Diego Suarez - also known as Antsiranana - on your own, and settle into a bar or restaurant for a dose of couleur locale
  • After walking along the Three Bays, stop in Ramena, a small fishing village. The beautiful beach is full of fishing boats; you can watch the fishermen at work here during the week. On Sundays the beach is crowded with Malagasy families, then there is a happy and lively atmosphere
  • In the forest of the Amber Mountains, in addition to the many species of lemurs, you will also spot ring-tailed mongooses, an exceptional number of bird species and unusual reptiles such as frogs, geckos and the smallest chameleon in the world
  • Imagine yourself in a fairy tale setting in the Red Tsingy, a wondrous landscape of eroded laterite
  • In Ankarana National Park, you can take wonderful walks, including to the Chameleon Cave. It is also possible to take a bicycle tour of the area from your lodge, or go boating on the lake
  • En route to Ankify - before crossing to Nosy Be or Nosy Komba - visit a plantation where you will see how cocoa, cinnamon and vanilla grow
  • At Nosy Be, there are very many activities available. Take a boat trip to Nosy Iranja and snorkel at Nosy Kely on the way, visit Lokobe National Park, go sea fishing or diving, or take a horseback ride
  • Depending on the season, you can look for whales or whale sharks at Nosy Be
  • There is great choice of accommodation in various categories on Nosy Be and Nosy Komba. There are also beautiful resorts on the nearby islands of Nosy Sakatia and Nosy Tsarabanjina
  • This tour of northern Madagascar is very suitable as a family trip or honeymoon
  • For a very complete tour of Madagascar, combine this trip with the Classic Highlights Tour

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1 Arrival Antananarivo
2 Flight to Diego Suarez
3 Coastal Walk the Three Bays
4 To Joffreville
5 Amberbergen National Park
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