Fly-in family trip Botswana and Vic Falls

Luxury trip with lots of activities for the whole family
12-day tour

Fly-in family trip Botswana and Vic Falls

Luxury trip with lots of activities for the whole family
12-day tour

Fly-in family trip Botswana and Vic Falls


Botswana and Vic Falls (in Zimbabwe) are wonderful destinations for young and old alike. But what makes a trip a true family trip? First of all, accommodations ideally suited for families, and a varied program with all kinds of activities that are extra fun also for youthful travelers. After an exciting and adventurous day, it's great to feel at home for a while, in the place where you are staying for several nights. Of course there is a pool here to cool off, for relaxation or for playful water fun. This family trip covers it all.

You will fly by charter to the destinations, a fast and comfortable way to travel. Moreover, it is spectacular to look out over the landscapes, and - as the plane flies low - to search for animals.

Surrounded by the nature of Makgadikgadi salt pans and Okavango Delta

Your journey begins in Maun, where you will stay two nights to acclimate. Your luxury safari tent is in a private game reserve just outside of town. A visit to an elephant orphanage is the perfect introduction to the trip. Botswana has a large elephant population and you are bound to see these huge animals in the wild. After a charter flight, you will land in the unearthly landscape of the Makgadikgadi salt pans. There is a remarkable amount of wildlife around the salt flats, and you may even find an elephant coming to quench its thirst at the pool. In the Okavango Delta, you will stay in the heart of this unique nature reserve. From your accommodation you overlook the Shinde lagoon. The silence of the night is broken by the chirping of crickets, and in the distance you can hear the deep roar of a lion. Under expert guidance, you will explore the area on foot. A walk in a wildlife park is exciting, but most of all very interesting. The experienced ranger talks about animal tracks and the behavior of all kinds of animals. In all activities, keep binoculars handy, and sometimes stand still, without talking. You hear birds, animal sounds, running water...and nothing else at all. This is pure nature! Where the world can't find you...

Splashy days in Vic Falls

The last charter flight will take you to Kasane, you will then travel overland to Vic Falls. This is a great and lively place to end your trip. You will stay at a lodge in Victoria Falls Private Game Reserve to enjoy the natural surroundings for as long as possible. These days you will have a variety of activities to choose from. A visit to the impressive Victoria Falls should not be missed. When the water level is high and the water plunges down at full force, bring rain gear: there are vantage points where you cannot escape the water spray. The Zambezi above the falls is wide and calm, but after the falls the river flows violently through a gorge. Would you rather take a canoe trip on the tranquil upper Zambezi, or dare to go rafting through the gorge?


  • All transfers are by charter plane during this varied fly-in family trip
  • Stay just outside Maun in a small luxury encampment located on the Thamalakane River
  • Visit an elephant orphanage and come face to face with these young animals
  • Choose how you will explore the Makgadikgadi salt pans: on foot, by quad bike, or perhaps on horseback?
  • Take a walk with Zu'/hoasi bushmen and learn about their traditions and their special knowledge of nature
  • Visit a meerkat family, which is so used to the presence of humans that you can see these animals up close and personal
  • Marvel at the twinkling starry sky during an outdoor overnight stay at the Makgadikgadi salt pans
  • In the magnificent Footsteps Camp in the Okavango Delta, you will spend the night in a luxury family tent, suitable for five people
  • Families at Footsteps Camp can participate in the Young Explorers Safari, an exclusive, educational and playful way to explore the bush
  • Stay in Vic Falls at the beautiful, small-scale Stanley & Livingstone Boutique hotel, within walking distance of Victoria Falls
  • Take a rhino trek from your lodge. Follow the tracks guided by a ranger, and you may see this rare animal in the wild
  • Canoeing or rafting on the Zambezi, mountain biking or a helicopter flight over the falls: in Vic Falls you have numerous options to fill the days
  • This trip is of course also suitable for travelers without children, activities are entirely up to your wishes



Your tailor-made trip

Daily overview

1 Arrival in Maun
2 Visit elephant orphanage
3 Charter flight to Makgadikgadi salt pans
4-5 Meerkat safari; quad biking
6 Charter flight to the Okavango Delta
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