Luxury tour - Extremes of Madagascar

The green rainforest and the dry spiny forest
13-day luxury 4WD/fly-in roundtrip

Coquerel's Sifaka, Propithèque de Coquerel, (Propithecus coquereli)

Luxury tour - Extremes of Madagascar

The green rainforest and the dry spiny forest
13-day luxury 4WD/fly-in roundtrip

Coquerel's Sifaka, Propithèque de Coquerel, (Propithecus coquereli)

Luxury tour – Extremes of Madagascar

The green rainforest and the dry spiny forest

During this trip, the nature and wildlife experience is the focus and you will see many lemurs, chameleons and birds. The trip falls into two very different parts: first, the wet rainforest near Andasibe in the east, followed by a tour in the extreme south of Madagascar, where the climate is very dry. These extremes concern not only nature. You will come in contact with very different populations and get an insight into their culture. You will travel by 4WD with private driver and fly one leg by private charter.

The call of the indri

Your journey begins in the popular Andasibe National Park which consists of two protected areas: Mantadia National Park and the Analamazaotra Reserve. In the secondary rainforest of the Analamazoatra Reserve, you can zine many species of chameleons, such as the Parsons and several species of rhinoceros chameleon. Your private guide will also know how to find the perfectly camouflaged geckos, he will tell you about the many birds that live in this rainforest. Of course, you will also go in search of the largest of all lemurs, the indri. Its territorial call extends for miles, but is even more imposing when you approach the animals just a few feet away.

The primary rainforest of Mantadia National Park is home to as many as twelve different species of lemurs, both diurnal and nocturnal. With more than 110 bird species - 50% of them endemic - the biodiversity is even greater in this more pristine part of the rainforest. Enjoy the magnificent flora of the primary forest undisturbed, with many medicinal plants and imposing forest giants such as pallisander (Dalbergia baronii).

Dancing sifakas

Because of its central location, Andasibe is a popular travel destination, but how different is the far south! Here you will spend several days at the unique and restful Mandrare River Camp, located on a river amidst spiny forest. This lodge is a very comfortable base for various activities.

A rugged drive through a very pristine part of Madagascar will take you to the Berenty Reserve. During walks in this beautiful nature reserve, watch for the "dancing" sifakas as they move along the ground.

At Fort Dauphin, you are back in a more mundane world. The area lends itself perfectly to beautiful walks along the coast. Here you can enjoy swimming in sheltered bays. Or do you choose to explore the city? End the day on a relaxing note in the infinity pool, overlooking the bay. Where the world can't find you...

Tips and tops Luxury Tour - Extremes of Madagascar:

  • You will stay in extremely comfortable accommodations
  • A luxury experience yet wild and unspoiled, with original activities and fantastic views
  • In Andasibe-Mantadia National Park and the Analamazaotra Reserve near Andasibe, you will see, among other things, the largest of all lemurs - the indri - and the particularly photogenic diademed sifaka
  • On an evening hike at the edge of the park, look for nocturnal lemurs, such as the mouse lemur
  • Visit the Vakona estate for a very close encounter with various lemur species
  • A domestic flight from the capital takes you to Fort Dauphin in the far south. You will then fly by private charter to the remote Mandrare River Camp. What a different world! It seems as if time has forgotten this part of the world, so pure and authentic
  • From Mandrare River Camp you will undertake several activities: a hike to the sacred forest of Ifotaka - evening walk through the Zenavo forest in search of nocturnal lemurs, owls and sleeping chameleons - excursion to gallery forests along the river
  • Take a walk around a village and visit the local market. Spontaneous encounters with the good-humored Malagasy are disarming
  • End your day with a sundowner in a wondrous landscape of spiny forest and baobabs, and enjoy a musical dance performance where you will learn about the infectiousness of Malagasy dance and song
  • The adventurous drive by 4WD to Berenty Reserve crosses a sparsely populated area, where locals get around on foot or by zebukar
  • In the Berenty Reserve, you will take a guided hike, but you can also walk around on your own. You will see groups of ring-tailed lemurs and sifakas here
  • Let the sea breeze blow through your hair on a panoramic coastal walk
  • At the Talinjoo Hotel, enjoy a massage, a dip in the infinity pool, the phenomenal views. At dinner, toast to your adventurous journey in anticipation of a blissful dinner full of local specialties
  • For even more extremes of Madagascar, extend this trip with a luxury beach stay. For example, choose Princesse Bora Lodge, Anjajavy Hotel, Tsarabanjina Lodge or the very exclusive Miavana Resort

Your tailor-made trip

Daily overview

1 Arrival Antananarivo - Pavillon de l'Emyrne
2 To Andasibe - Evening walk - Mantadia lodge
3 Morning hike Mantadia National Park - afternoon excursion lemur island - Mantadia lodge
4 Morning walk Analazamaotra Reserve - Drive to Antananarivo - San Cristobal Hotel
5 Domestic flight to Fort Dauphin - Private charter to Mandrare River Camp - Evening hike
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Madagascar Lemurs


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