South Africa Off the beaten track

Discover the Wildcoast, Sunshine Coast and take special safaris at the exclusive Inzolo Game Lodge in the Eastern Cape

South Africa Off the beaten track


After an extensive introduction to Johannesburg and the Gauteng Province, take a guided multi-day walking tour along the Wild Coast,one of South Africa's roughest areas. You walk in this beautiful area of rugged cliffs, sheltered coves and dense afforestation. Then create unforgettable game drives at the exclusive Safari Lodge Inzolo Game Lodge where expert rangers will make sure you come face to face with elephants, lions, rhinos, buffalo and hippos. Finally, you'll see the Cape Dutch buildings in Graaff-Reinet and close in Wilderness with eight kilometres of beach, lagoons and forests with more than 250 different bird species.


  • You will share your own day on the Gauteng Go As You Please tour. Take a guided bike tour of Johannesburg or see the art in this city
  • The Wild Coast is an area with ancient traditions, especially at the Xhosa.   The most famous Xhosa is Nelson Mandela, who spent the first years of his childhood in this region
  • High chance of dolphin and whale watching at morgan bay town
  • Adventurous walks during the 3-day walking tour from Morgan Bay via Haga to Crawford
  • At Graaff Reinet, be sure to visit the Valley of Desolation, a gorge at an altitude of 1440 meters, with beautiful, orange rock formations and stunning views of the area
  • The Inzolo Game Lodge is an exclusive safari experience in the Eastern Cape and an absolute highlight of your trip
  • Spot the 'Big Five' during game drives at Inzolo Game Lodge
  • Samara Private Game Reserve is home to the five-star Karoo Lodge with a chance to spot the cheetah
  • The Samara Private Game Reserve consists of four of the seven ecosystems it is home to for many big game, such as cheetah, aardvarb, white rhino and the rare black rhinoceros
  • Graaff-Reinet has more than 220 restored buildings with a Cape Dutch style


Daily overview

1-2 Arriving in Johannesburg. Gauteng Go As You Please tour including guide.
3-5 Multi-day walking tour along the rugged West Coast. You'll hike from Morgan Bay to Haga (14 kilometers) and from Haga to Crawford (16 kilometers) and pass cliffs and waterfalls and walk through rivers and across vast beaches.
6-7 Pick up the car in East London and drive to Kenton-on-Sea on the Sunshine Coast.
8-9 You will drive to the Inzolo Game Lodge where you will create unforgettable game drives accompanied by expert rangers.
10-11 In Samara Private Game Reserve you create various game drives.
12 You will visit Graaff-Reinet where you will see the many Cape Dutch buildings during an excursion.
13-14 You drive to Wilderness, sandwiched between the rainforest and the ocean. You're taking an excursion to Sedgefield.
15 You drive to George airport where you hand in the car and then fly back.


The Wild Coast

The Wild Coast in South Africa is a pristine coastal area, north of East London. Deserted beaches, sheltered bays, raging ocean. You will find pure wilderness with beautiful hiking trails...


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