Tour Kenya and Uganda

Round trip by 4x4 vehicle through northern Kenya and Uganda

Tour Kenya and Uganda

Round trip by 4x4 vehicle through northern Kenya and Uganda

Tour Kenya and Uganda

The highlights of Kenya and Uganda

Imposing mahogany trees, cheetahs and lions... During this 16 day tour in a 4WD you will visit the most spectacular and special places in Kenya and Uganda. You will be introduced to the locals, who still live in harmony with the great African game. During a chimpanzee trekking in Murchinsons Falls National Park, walk under the imposing mahogany trees (60 m high!)

In Samburu, Buffalo Springs and Shaba Game Reserves, you'll come face to face with species that don't live elsewhere in Kenya: the reciculated giraffe, grevy zebra, the gerenuk and beisa oryx. But also lions, elephants, hyenas and cheetahs are inhabitants of this particular area with the huge volcanic rock (Shaba) that can be seen in the wide perimeter. Close to the equator, visit the town of Kitale, close to the volcanic soil of Mount Elgon.

Original inhabitants of Kenya and Uganda

You will experience a great contrast between the different tribes: the infamous Karamojong, the isolated I tribe and the Borana tribe, an extremely friendly people who have captured all aspects of its culture in songs. On the north bank of the Nile you will encounter even more wildlife and during the boat safari you will get very close to murchison falls, see African sea eagles in dead trees and are accompanied by bobbing pelicans.

Tips & Tops Tour Northern Kenya and Uganda:

  • Have a picnic among the fields of banana and coffee plantations on the way to Mount Kenya
  • You will receive 'culture lesson' from the Samburu and enjoy the traditional singing and dance of this people
  • During your stay at Kissima you can see hundreds of camels, cows, sheep and goats drinking
  • Make a stop in Kitale, a particularly productive agricultural area with wooded slopes and ice-cold streams
  • The spectacular view of the high Sipi Falls (just across the border from Uganda) from your sleeping place is unique
  • Kidepo Valley National Park is home to more than 86 species of wildlife
  • Take a walk along Murchison Falls and watch the Victoria Nile literally squeeze through the narrow passage (7 m) here
  • In Kampala (capital of Uganda) you can visit the Kasubitomben, the Kibulimoskee or the Impala Hill
  • Camping under the African Starry Sky, feel one with nature
  • Buying souvenirs and strolling around the local market in Kampala is a laid-back end to this exciting and unforgettable trip

Your tailor-made trip

Daily overview

2-3 Safaris Samburu, Buffalo Springs & Shaba Game Reserves
4-5 Borana & Samburu tribes
6 Baringo Lake – Pokot tribe
7 Kitale – Mount Elgon – Uganda
8 Karamojong tribe – Moroto
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Highlights for this trip

Kenya Samburu N.P.

Samburu N.P.

Contiguous game reserves Samburu, Shaba and Buffalo Springs. As you descend from the plateau at Mount Kenya to the area…

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