Wildlife Uganda and Rwanda

A dip in pristine African bush

Wildlife Uganda and Rwanda

Immersion in pristine bush

A spectacular boat trip to the Murchison Falls between hippos and crocodiles; safaris in the most beautiful African game parks; an introduction to the way of life of the primitive Batwa;   beautiful walks through tropical rainforest full of orchids, birds and butterflies and... the unique opportunity to spend time in the vicinity of a rare family mountain gorillas. Travel with us for an unforgettable experience in the heart of Africa, an immersion in pristine bush Where the world can't find you...

Tips & tops Wildlife Uganda and Rwanda:

  • Enjoy the cooling fog rain caused by the Victoria Nile literally squeezed through the narrow passageway at Murchison Falls
  • Sailing you can approach Devil's Cauldron, the bottom of Murchison Falls, very close
  • Bird paradise Queen Elizabeth National Park offers unprecedented ecological variation: grasslands, bush savannah, tree savannah, lowland rainforest and crater plateaus
  • In Ishasha, the southern part of the park, scavenger hunt for lions
  • Trees in the humid and dim Bwindi Impenetrable Forest grow to as much as 60! meter height, and there are more than 300 different birds and at least 200 species of butterflies
  • Deep in the tropical rainforest, you'll be introduced to the Batwa, a primitive pygmy people still living as hunter-gatherers
  • Prepare for an intensive but unforgettable walking tour when you look for mountain gorillas in their natural environment at Parc National des Volcans. Keep your eyes peeled for typical high-mountain vegetation like giant lobelias and hanging mosses
  • In Musanze, Dian Fossey'smuseum, the Karisoke Research Centre, is well worth it!
  • For an optimal overall experience, stay at small-scale lodges in the middle of nature such as Gorilla Forest Camp shrouded in the fog of the rainforest and Clouds Mountain Gorilla   Lodgeand Five   Vulcanoes Boutique Hotel, both of which give magnificent views of the volcanoes
  • Finish your trip with a delicious grilled squeak, a cocktail and a magnificent view of the city at Pili Pili; the trendy open restaurant and 'the place to be' by Kigali


Daily overview

1 Arrival Entebbe – charter flight to Jinja – transfer to Wild Waters Lodge on a private island in the Nile
2-3 After a scenic ride, reach Murchison Falls N.P. for a safari in the western part and a boat ride on the Nile
4 Flight to Queen Elizabeth National park, afternoon reconnaissance by boat over Kazinga canal
5 All-day safari in Queen Elizabeth N.P. to the Ishasha region
6 Morning safari with chance to see tree climbing lions, then ride to the northwestern part of Bwindi N.P. – in the afternoon visit to the Batwa pygmy people
7 Ranger walk through Bwindi forest to Nkuringo region
8 Trekking to observe the imposing Silverback gorilla
9 Crossing rwanda border, stay in Volcanoes National Park


Queen Elizabeth National Park

On safari in one of Uganda's most beautiful wildlife parks, located at the foot of the Ruwenzori's

Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park

In search of the rare mountain gorillas


Nile sources

Murchison Falls National Park

In Uganda, the Nile plunges into a narrow gorge a few meters down, the Murchison Falls


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