Ivory Coast

Natural beauty and ancient traditions in a land of great contrasts

Ivory Coast

Natural beauty and ancient traditions in a land of great contrasts

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Country with its own identity

Ivory Coast is a country of extremes; a country with the pulsating metropolis of Abidjan and authentic villages. Pristine rainforests, green hills and plantations as far as the eye can see, a basilica the size of St. Pieter in Rome and many small animistic sacrificial sites. Enjoy culinary delights in chic French restaurants or eat together with the locals at a food stall. Find your way along the orange colored roads to one of the eight national parks, drive through immense palm tree forests and lay down on the Atlantic Ocean with its roaring surf.

The true beauty of Ivory Coast

Outside the cities of Abidjan and Yamoussoukro, Ivory Coast shows its true beauty. Comoé National Park is the largest protected area in West Africa. The most biodiverse savanna in the world is home to lions, leopards, aardvarks and African elephants. The pygmy hippo and primate population in Tai National Park is a major attraction for naturalists. The beaches around San Pedro , Assinie and Grand Bassam are beautiful and the waters are teeming with barracuda, red carp, red mullet and sole. Hike through the green hills surrounding Man 'City of 18 Mountains' and climb Mount Tonkoui for views over Liberia and Guinea.

Cultural Heritage

Ivory Coast also has a lot to offer in terms of culture. At the Dan, dancers on stilts perform incredible acrobatics as part of time-honored ceremonial dances. A true spectacle is attending traditional mask dances of the Baoulé people and the Senoufo people. Art lovers will enjoy the many art galleries in Abidjan. The Colonial Quarter of Grand-Bassam is a UNESCO Heritage Site. The grandeur of the colonial architecture, the evocative Monument aux Morts and the fascinating Museum of National Dress, which displays traditional clothing of different ethnic groups, are impressive. Nick Amon's Art Gallery houses works by one of the country's most acclaimed contemporary artists. Ivory Coast is a melting pot of different cultures.

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