Photo Tour South Tanzania 2022

Travel led by professional photographer Nand Fiems through the most photogenic, pure and raw south of Tanzania

Photo Tour South Tanzania 2022

Travel led by professional photographer Nand Fiems through the most photogenic, pure and raw south of Tanzania

Photo Tour South Tanzania 2022


This photo tour takes you to the extremely photogenic, rugged and unspoilt south of Tanzania , far off the beaten track. This is Africa at its wildest! The game parks Mikumi National Park , part of the Selous Game Reserve and Ruaha National Park are less visited but are really spectacular. In Mikumi NP, the largest game park in Africa , along the banks of the Rufiji River, there are countless elephants, predators and teeming with hippos, crocodiles and many colorful bird species. Ruaha NP is also a unique piece of Africa, rugged and unspoilt with erratic rock formations, savanna landscapes with acacias and baobab trees and special game species such as the most beautiful gazelle species; the great kudu. Enjoy a carefree stay in the luxury lodges or a well-deserved sundowner between activities. You bridge the long distances by plane, comfortably and also spectacular to see the beautiful landscapes from the air. An unforgettable experience , Where the world can't find you...


Together with your ranger you will set out to discover the wilderness of both parks. The diversity of activities by jeep, on foot and by boat gives you the opportunity to photograph from different angles. You will sail along the coastline of the river, excellent for bird photography and you can get up close to predators by open jeep, which can be photographed from very close. During the trip, you will continuously receive professional tips from a professional photographer to perfect your photos, focusing on looking, working in, experiencing and enjoying the environment. Looking through the lens with a photographer's eye you see all kinds of wonderful things that otherwise go unnoticed. You are guaranteed to come home with great memories and fantastic photos!


Nand Fiems (1947) studied interior design and then photography at the Sint-Lucas Institute in Ghent. As a professional photographer, he specializes in reportage, studio and aerial photography and teaches technical and aesthetic photography. Since 1990 he has traveled the world to capture the splendor of the different continents.Departure date: November 8, 2022


  • Africa at its wildest!
  • Spot the “Big Five” in Mikumi and Ruaha
  • Spectacular small charter flights allow you to see the beautiful landscapes from the air too
  • A pure safari experience without encountering hordes of tourists
  • Variety of safari activities, by open safari vehicle, walking safaris and boat trips, allowing you to shoot from different angles
  • Mikumi National Park is one of the few parks in Africa where boat trips can be made; an absolute experience
  • Small-scale accommodations, such as the Mdonya Old River Camp
  • The Rufiji River is very rich in hippos and crocodiles
  • All activities are guided by professional English speaking guides

Your tailor-made trip

Daily overview

1 Arrival in Dar es Salaam, transfer to Serena Hotel
2 You fly to Selous in a spectacular way by small charter. You will be taken to the Sable Mountain Lodge by jeep
3-4 Over the next few days, you and your ranger will explore the wilderness of Selous / Mikumi National Park and take amazing photos
5 With a great view you will fly by charter plane to the bush airstrip in Ruaha, from where you will be taken to the Mdonya Old River Camp
6-8 In the Ruaha NP you go out twice a day to take pictures during a game drive
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