Wrapped in a blanket of spirituality


Wrapped in a blanket of spirituality

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The happiness of a cup of butter tea

A cup of steaming butter tea with salt stands on the shaky wooden table. There is not much else in the small dark living room. Materialism is not highly valued in Bhutan. In this small kingdom in the Himalayas , the Gross National Product has been replaced by Gross National Happiness: the prosperity of the country is measured by the happiness of its inhabitants. And they like to transfer their happiness to travelers who visit their country. Because happiness is a cup of steaming butter tea.

A feeling of happiness is almost inevitable for those who make their way through the small winding roads to the sacred Tiger's Nest in Paro. The path is tough, but once at the top you will be rewarded with beautiful views and a magical monastery that miraculously balances on a cliff. Those who still have energy can kayak on the Mochhu . Or take on the challenge with the locals in a game of kuru, darts the Bhutanian way.

Besides belief in happiness, there is also belief in Buddhism in Bhutan. The country is dotted with monasteries and temples and the chance that you will end up in a religious festival when you visit is not small: faith is celebrated. Traditional clothing is not only taken out for these festivals. Most of the population also walks daily in a 'gho'. Jeans are rare, even in the capital, Thimphu . With less than a hundred thousand inhabitants, one of the smallest capital cities in the world. Small, but wonderful, with the bell square, the old monastery castle Tashi Codzong or the palace of the king. Also in Paro is an old Bhutanese palace that even after hundreds of years still has the allure of a royal residence. But a stroll through the Sunday market is just as impressive. Kilos of green peppers are piled up here, ready to give the daily plate of rice a spicy edge.

Hidden between India and China. Decorated with colorful prayer flags. And wrapped in a blanket of spirituality. The land is like a beautifully wrapped gift.

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Experience Bhutan with Untamed


Cultural traditions are in the spotlight during Bhutan's many religious festivals. Masked dances bring old legends back to life.

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Bhutan is the land of high peaks and rugged slopes. In between lie the valleys, each with its own unique cultural traditions.

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Butter tea (sura), rice beer (arra) and yak meat

Butter tea, rice beer and yak meat. The menu in Bhutan is as simple as it is effective. At a thin height it keeps warm and gives energy.

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The hidden part of the Himalayas is in Bhutan. A month's trek or a three-day trek: walking you will experience the overwhelming beauty of nature.

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Bhutan is unique. And so is the capital Thimphu. If only because you can walk from one side of the city to the other in just thirty minutes.

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Punakha Dzong

Two rivers meander through the Punakha Valley. Where they come together stands a large temple complex, the Punakha Dzong.

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Paro - Tigers Nest

Pure, raw and undiscovered. Bhutan is in many ways comparable to a rough diamond. However, there is one exception: Tigers Nest: the cut jewel of Bhutan.

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Merak and Sakteng: yak herders of Eastern Bhutan

High mountains seem to block the passage. But due to the centuries-long use of the trade routes to Tibet, paths have slowly been carved out. High mountain passes form the gateways to Eastern Bhutan.

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