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Five o'clock in the morning, the gates of Angkor Wat open. Visitors pour in for the magical moment, as the silhouette of the grand temple stands out against the orange colors of the first light. Everything comes together in that moment, at the monumental icon that is intertwined with the identity of Cambodia . The country has thousands of - mostly Buddhist - temples and pagodas, visible in the flat landscape or on top of a hill, or hidden in dense forests. The predominant color at the temples is that of the saffron-colored monk's robes.

Even in the cosmopolitan city of Phnom Penh , the pace of a tuk-tuk or cyclo is sufficient for getting out and about, and in Siem Reap and Battambang you can even down a gear. You are invariably greeted with the infectious smile of the Cambodians. This almost makes you forget that the country has endured extremely grim times, people prefer to look ahead.

Outside the cities lies another world. Where it is flat, vast rice fields color the landscape fresh green, the palmyra palms proudly rise above the field. The Cardemom Mountains and the Eastern Provinces are mountainous. Here flow many rivers and creeks, and nature is much less cultivated, rougher. They are the best places for game viewing and long nature walks. The mighty Mekong River meanders through the country from north to south. At least as impressive is the Tonlé Sap Lake , where strongly fluctuating water levels determine life. It is the pulsating heart of Cambodia, with the richest fishing grounds. Fishermen's families live in floating villages or villages on stilts, two extreme solutions to keep their feet dry during the rainy season.

There are beautiful tropical beaches on the Gulf of Thailand. The most beautiful resorts can be found in Kep , Sihanoukville and on the Koh Rong archipelago . Coral reefs, a lukewarm blue sea, swaying palms… the ideal environment to end your Cambodia trip.

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Experience Cambodia with Untamed


Angkor Wat, it may be the first name that comes to mind when you think of temples in Cambodia. However, there is endless more. Cambodia has temples of moss, and temples of gold.

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Beautiful resorts with private beaches in a tropical setting, and around the corner the lively place of Sihanoukville.

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Phnom Penh

The capital of Cambodia, once one of the most beautiful capitals of Asia, now the 'Paris of the East'.

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Koh Rong Archipelago

Hidden treasures in the Gulf of Thailand for the ultimate tropical beach retreat.

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A bungalow overlooking the sea, near the friendly town of Kep where people will meet you with a smile. A lovely place for carefree days with sun, sea and swaying palms.

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The Cardamom Mountains

Unexplored tropical jungle full of unknown wildlife.

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Picturesquely located on the banks of the Sangker River, this is a delightful city with well-preserved colonial buildings. In Battambang there is special attention to music, dance, painting and... Circus!

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Tonle Sap

Extremely fluctuating water levels determine life around Tonlé Sap. A unique and fertile ecosystem that requires creative adaptations from the population.

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