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India's colorful hospitality

The sandals make a soft grinding sound in the sand. Followed by the short rhythmic tapping of the goats who put their hooves firmly in the ground. They know the way home, here in Madhya Pradesh , in the Indian countryside. The green of the fields is regularly interrupted by shades such as pale pink or sea blue: like everything in India, the mud houses are also provided with a layer of color. If you travel through the interior of India, you will find people working everywhere. In the fields, but also in the yard. Hindu god Krishna watches from a picture frame on the outside wall as saris are washed, pots of clay are drying in the sun, and grain is pulverized between a millstone. Yet in this busy existence there is always room to receive guests with a cup of fragrant masala chai.

In the big cities, the footsteps are no longer audible. City sounds take over the environment. But the hospitality remains. Just like the color. The Janpath market in Delhi combines colorful pieces of fabric, herbs and jewellery. Former street children show you the city from their perspective. The smell of incense from the Gurudwara Bangla Sahib temple mixes with the aromas of spicy curry, available on every street corner. Zigzagging between temples and palaces in Rajasthan . Climbing between the peaks of the Himalayas in mountain region ladakh . Or surrounded by birds and butterflies in the Indian jungle. The diversity of India is endless. Even when you are deep in the jungle. Because with its countless shades of green, the jungle is at least as colorful and varied as the market in Delhi.


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Gir Forest National Park

Humans and animals live side by side in gir forest national park. It is the question most special: the rare Asian lion or the Maldhari shepherds. For generations they have shared their habitat

Ladakh region

Buddhism has been the largest religion in the deserted north of India for centuries. When crossing this area you will see almost as many monasteries as mountain peaks. The colourful Hemis monastery certainly stands out

Thar Desert Rajasthan

Scattered throughout the Thar Desert are towns and villages. Walled and cut off from the outside world. But the desert sand cannot be stopped: houses and temples are covered with a fine layer of dust

Pilgrimage sites: Varanasi – Amritsar – Pushkar

Religion is everywhere in India. But in the pilgrimage sites just a little more. Prayers buzzing through the streets. At the edge of holy waters is sacrificed, from the temples sounds chant

The National Parks in Madhya Pradesh

In the heart of India lies the jungle, natural parks make them accessible to travellers. The smell of greenery in Satpura, Kanha, Pench and Bandhavgarh National Park is un escaped.

Indian kingdoms

Move into the world of maharajahs. The former rulers of India divided Rajasthan into small kingdoms, each with their own forts and palaces. The Taj Mahal is the best known, but there are more that are worth

Kaziranga National Park

Kaziranga National Park has a size more. Everything in this natural park in the northeastern part of India seems magnified: the forests, the trees. But also the number of rhinos, the elephants and the singing of the birds

Dudhwa National Park

The marshes and forests are inhabited by a variety of special animals

Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata

Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata. Often used as a transfer stop on transit to another destination, but itself more than worth a visit. If you hang around for a few days, you will not only see the city but also taste the atmosphere


Sail a houseboat over the 'backwaters' in southern India or on safari in the Periyar National Park. The state of Kerala combines India's colonial past with tasty dishes and an age-old way of life on the inland waterways.

Festivals India

The country with the festivals whose tickets never sell out. Everyone is welcome. Anyone can connect. And in some cases, there is no choice: participation is the only option

Ajanta Caves & Ellora Temples

Tucked away in the heart of India, the state of Maharashtra, classical civilization comes to life. Even before our era, rugged nature was transformed into an impressive culture here

Beaches of India

The coasts of India are known for its mile-long, palm-lined beaches. Here you can enjoy indian hospitality combined with golden beaches, the Indian Ocean and the palm forests directly behind the beach.

Temples east coast

Colorful gods and demons watch visitors to the Sri Meenakshi Temple. The ornate sculptures stand in stark contrast to the granite blocks of the Shore temple a little further south along the Indian coast


The colors, the smells and the sound. It is on the market that India shows its true face. The pungent smells of ginger, cardamom, pepper and cumin warn the visitor at the entrance to the market: this will be a spicy bite

Walking through India

Walk through India. Not with a rushed pass, but slow down. And above all, stand still, so that you can take home not only wonderful memories but also valuable experiences

Chai masala

Sipping on a steaming cup of chai masala you taste India. The spicy tea is now available all over the world but still tastes different in tailor's seat in the yard of an Indian family

Indian cuisine

Indian cuisine has inexhaustible flavours. Curries, chapattis, tikka masala or paneer. Delicious dishes, eaten in tailor's chair, with the right hand

Toytrains in India

Treinen in India: adembenemende uitzichten en ontmoetingen met de lokale bevolking

Top accommodations in India


Susanne Jagtenberg

Tryntsje, ik wil je hartelijk bedanken voor de prachtige rondreis die je voor me hebt samengesteld. Van 28 december 2019 t/m 17 januari 2020 heb ik een geweldige ervaring opgedaan in Zuid-India! De prachtige, luxe hotels, de excursies, de gidsen, de route én de privé-chauffeur Mr. Sebastian, alles was erg goed georganiseerd en het programma enorm gevarieerd. Het probleem met de safari in Bandipur is gecompenseerd met een gratis diner op mijn laatste bestemming, echt toppp!! Zuid-India heb …

Judith and Gerard Visser

For our second trip to India we chose to mainly see nature and in February/March we went to Bera, Khichan, Dudhwa, Satpura and Pench. The result was a succession of beautiful hotels and lodges, many animals and landscapes and also plenty of impressions of the towns and villages and their people. If I had to say what made the most impression, I wouldn’t be able to make a choice. The organization was fine, all travel by plane, car and train went well. The comfortable hotels, especially th…


Dear Tryntsje, As we briefly stated during our holiday in India, we once again congratulate us on the way in which you have organised and carried out our trip. Our desire to get in touch with the locals and their customs has been well accepted, and that has certainly given the trip a special touch. Needless to say, the sights were also impressive, with the Taj Mahal highlighted at the end of the trip. Also for the second time this is still touchingly beautiful. But also the palaces and forts …

Marie-Anne and Anton Koopman

We enjoyed our vacation. Our trip was an impressive first experience with India. So different from Africa that we know much better from previous trips. The lodges were excellent (Reni Pani Jungle Lodge – Satpura, Jamtara Wilderness – Pench, Kanha Jungle Lodge and Bandhavgarh Lodge , ed.); different every time. Difficult to decide which one we prefer. Personally, I thought our tent with wreck wood floors and old furniture was perhaps the most atmospheric (and also the coldest!). Reni Pani Lod…

Jurgy Bohez

Best, I see that you can already read a detailed report by Robert on your blog that we can fully agree with: Colombia is certainly the biggest and most pleasant surprise among all our travels! Previously known - notorious - for all kinds of negative news, it is in the first place a warm and very varied country with an excellent infrastructure. We felt very welcome and extremely safe. In addition to Robert's blog, we also made a stop in two beautiful colonial villages, Villa de Levya and Bari…

mr. van den Heuvel

Dear Untamed Travelling,   In your welcome-home card (thank you), ask about our experiences during your organized trip through the nature parks of West and Central India. Here are our best experiences:   Everything was punctual and perfectly organized down to the last detail, by only highly skilled people. The language skills of the guides were good to very good and the vehicles were also very comfortable. This made traveling very pleasant. In addition, the road network has bee…


Ladakh, paradise in the mountains

Six years ago I visited it already, this particular part of India, Ladakh. Located in the Himalayan mountain region one hour's flight from Delhi. I was wondering if it would make such a crushing impression on me again as it did then. This time I travel in the company of travel agents who will first get acquainted with this part of India, most of them for the first time with India, a country that always guarantees a special travel experience.


We are happy to offer you a travel proposal that fully meets your expectations. The proposed trips on our website are primarily intended as inspiration, and show only a small selection of the possibilities. Tell us your wishes and let us tailor your trip. We are happy to advise you!

We think it is important – especially now – that you are well informed and travelling with a good feeling. In our blog you can read the latest developments.

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