Hospitality in the Tien Shan


Hospitality in the Tien Shan

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Hospitality in the Tien Shan

Unknown Kyrgyzstan(Kyrgyzstan) is almost entirely covered by the mountains of the Tien Shan, one of the highest mountain ranges in the world and the terrain of yaks, ibex, snow leopards and Marco Polo sheep. These "heavenly mountains" are interspersed with beautiful lakes such as the teal Issyk Kul Lake and the high turquoise Son Kul Lake. Travel over mountain passes, dizzying hairpin turns with continuous stunning views of dozens of snow peaks and endless green rolling grassy plains. Traverse the vast walnut forests, which are home to bears, wolves and lynx. Take the most beautiful day hikes in green valleys of Karakol National Park and among the red rocks of Jeti-Ögüz.

Bishkek and Karakol

Visit Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan, a vibrant, rapidly modernizing city with many restaurants, cafes, museums and parks. Discover the quiet provincial town of Karakol with its Russian Orthodox cathedral, many bazaars and the popular Sunday market, which attracts the entire region.

Spend the night in a traditional yurt

Meet the nomads who in summer set up their traditional felt yurts and herd their flocks of sheep, yaks, horses and the occasional camel in the fresh green hills. You will definitely be offered locally made koumis, the slightly alcoholic horse's milk and the national drink of Kyrgyzstan. Also stay overnight yourself in a traditional yurt in, for example, caravanserai Tash Rabat, located in a beautiful valley or by the beautiful Son Kul Lake and take the most beautiful walks among the impressive landscapes.

Round trips Kyrgyzstan

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