The beating heart of Southeast Asia with a remarkably relaxed atmosphere


The beating heart of Southeast Asia with a remarkably relaxed atmosphere

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The beating heart of Southeast Asia

Laos is completely enclosed by other countries, there is no direct connection to the sea. Geographically, Laos is the heart of Southeast Asia, and this location makes it very possible to combine a trip to Laos with neighboring countries. But remember: the best elements of Southeast Asia's cultural and spiritual heritage come together here. Laos is a beating heart, with a remarkably relaxed atmosphere.

The main waterway is the Mekong River , and during a trip through Laos you will look out over this mighty river several times. The largest cities of Laos are located on the banks of the Mekong: Luang Prabang, Vientiane, Savannakhet and Pakse . Cultural centers with a rich history, with beautiful Buddhist temples and ancient monuments, but also a vibrant nightlife. These cities are in full development.

You will experience the most striking characteristics of the country especially when you travel to the corners, where the colorful diversity of peoples is greatest. You will then discover the green patchwork of rice fields and plantations, and the breathtakingly beautiful natural landscapes. Karst Mountains dominate, the jagged limestone rocks protrude through the dense vegetation. The jungle is covered in a thick blanket of fog in the morning, but once the mist dissolves, colors come to life.

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Inspiration trips for Laos

Experience Laos with Untamed

The mystery of the plain of the jugs

The sight of fields full of huge, half-buried stone jugs – dating from a distant past – stimulates the imagination. Who made these jugs, and what were they used for?

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Xe Pian National Protected Area

Wetlands with grazing cows, large green meadows and jungle typify the protected nature where many rare animals still live

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The Bolaven Plateau

Ethnic groups, coffee, jungle and waterfalls, that is the short summary of the Bolaven Plateau. And of course the cooler climate!

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The rainforest of Nam Kat Yola Pa

You will encounter few people during a trek through the protected rainforest of Nam Kat Yola Pa. It's pure and pristine here.

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Luang Prabang

Where the Mekong and nam Khan River meet lies the spiritual capital of Laos. Both the city and the surrounding region have an extraordinary amount to offer.

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Nam Et-Phou Louey

In this protected nature reserve the rare tiger occurs. During an exciting night safari, you will look for wildlife.

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Si Phan Don, the 4,000 islands

On the countless islands and islets in the Mekong River, life picks up an extremely soothing rhythm.

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Ban Kong Lor

The Hin Boun River found its way through the porous karst mountains. Get in a boat, and cruise through the phenomenally beautiful Kong Lor cave.

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The hidden city of Viengxay

Under a blanket of landscaped beauty lies 'The Hidden City'. A visit to this cave system undoubtedly leaves a deep impression.

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