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Where snow-capped mountain peaks against deep blue skies alternate with windswept open plains and crystal-clear rivers, where migratory lakes teem with tropical forests and colorful seas of flowers, where only the snow leopard and Himalayan vulture rule nature… You are in Tibet , country of the Mount Everest and the Yarlung Valley , once the land of the Dalai Lama where spirituality still prevails.

Take a journey through the ancient monasteries Temple-studded region of sacred rivers, prayer caves and sacrificial sites, meet some of the friendliest people you'll ever meet, be it devout monks, nomads on horseback, 'untamed' Khampas or pilgrims on foot. Be moved by the natural beauty of the highest country in the world, where the streets are still dominated by monks in habit and colorful prayer flags, which Tibetans believe to spread good wishes with the fluttering of the wind.

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Experience Tibet with Untamed


The spiritual center of the Tibetan Buddhist world and the traditional capital of Tibet

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Centuries-old monasteries, temples, sacred rivers, places of worship and places of sacrifice draw the land where Buddhism is central

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With a spiritual foundation or because of local traditions and customs; there is always a festival going on that is celebrated exuberantly

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Mount Everest Basecamp North

The easily accessible starting point of the Northeast Ridge Route, one of the perilous obstacle courses to the top of the jagged Mount Everest

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The Himalayas

Rugged mountain ranges with snowy peaks, abrupt ravines and gorges, windswept open plains, expedied lakes and tropical forest with beautiful orchids and rhododendrons

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The Yarlung Valley

The deepest gorge in the world and the cradle of Tibetan civilization

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Nothing but desolate unaffected nature as far as the eye can see, interspersed only with waving prayer flags

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