Expedition Altaj

Travel through the inhospitable Altaj, where golden eagles, eaglehunters and the mysterious snow leopard survive in a mythical landscape of cliffs, valleys and rocky slopes

Expedition Altaj

Tour Eagle hunters and Mountain Ghosts

Travel to the heart of the inhospitable   Altaj   where golden eagles, eagle hunters and the mysterious snow leopard survive in a mythical landscape made up of cliffs, valleys, and rock slopes.

Enrich your knowledge of the exceptional flora and fauna on guided walks through the rugged area, get to know Kazakh culture, and learn how falconers or 'Berkutchi' train their birds of prey to become accomplished hunters. The abundant presence of prey such as Argali sheep, Saiga antelopes, Siberian ibex and marmots make the chance to spot the mystical mountain ghost in its natural habitat the highest here.

Tips & tops from Expedition Altaj:

  • In Ulaan Bataar, a visit to the Buddhist Gandan monastery,the Zanzabar Museum of Fine Arts and the winter palace of the last monarch are well worth while
  • During your stay in the living environment of the snow leopard, you will experience the scientific research on the elusive animal up close
  • The famous Mongolian throat song, Khoomei,is said to have started in Chandman soum
  • The Khov Gol flows into Khar Us Nuur - the centrepiece of the national park of the same name- which has resulted in a giant bird-rich swamp delta
  • Exploratory Jargalant Khairkhan makes you a brilliant hike to Rashantiin Am,a sacred valley full of rocky outcrops, ancient poplars and a well known for its medicinal properties
  • From the traditional summer residence of a 'berkutchi' you will be initiated into hunting with golden eagles; from the training from the catch to the release as an experienced adult hunter
  • Did you know that female eagles are bigger, heavier and more aggressive than their male counterparts and can bring in even bigger prey?
  • Scour the skies in the remote rugged Khukh Serkhiyn Nuruu National Park for golden eagles, steppe eagles, black vultures, lamb vultures and the saker falcon
  • Imagine yourself in the Wild West in Ölgii, a windst-walled border town on the banks of the Khovd, surrounded by gerdistricts and rocky steep slopes, known for Kazakh music, embroidery and art but above all for its spectacular golden eagle festival


Daily overview

1 Arrival Ulaan Bataar – meeting guide and city tour along the cultural sites – folkloric singing and dance performance during dinner – overnight stay in hotel
2 Flight to Hovd, road transfer via Khar Us Nuur N.P. to Chandman Soum – overnight in tent
3-5 Exploring the mountains of Jargalant, home of the snow leopard – overnight stays in tent
6-9 Drive to Khukh Serkhiyn Nuruu National Park, to the valley on the northwestern side of the great Khukh Serkh Mountain to hike through the wilderness and spend time with a Kazakh eagle hunter – overnight stays in tent
10 Drive to Ölgii through the dramatic landscapes of Sairiyn Nuruu and the rugged Altaj highland – overnight stay in hotel
11 Flight to Ulaan Bataar – time for free use – overnight stay in hotel
12 Train journey in slow-mo through the picturesque backdrop of the dry sand dunes and rocks of the Gobi Desert towards Beijing
13 Arrival in Beijing – international return flight



Land of the 'mountain ghost'


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