Photo tour Mongolia 2021

Travel led by professional photographer Nand Fiems through the most photogenic nature of Mongolia, with the Nadaam festival as the highlight

Photo tour Mongolia 2021

Travel through photogenic wilderness

This extraordinary journey takes you to little-traveled Mongolia , where the unspoilt wilderness beckons on the vast plateaus. The starting point is Ulaan Bataar , a metropolis where beautiful old temples and palaces alternate with functionalist architecture. The industrialized capital is the last stop before you go into desolate nature. As a nomad, you roam from ger to ger through the most photogenic landscapes that range from flaming rock formations and deserted steppes to imposing glaciers. There are plenty of opportunities to capture special wildlife species along the way. The highlight of the photo tour is the Nadaam Festival , Mongolia's annual national festival, where wrestling, horse racing and archery take center stage and families from all over come together in traditional attire. An unparalleled setting where your camera will be working overtime!

During the trip, you will continuously receive professional tips from a professional photographer to perfect your photos, focusing on looking, working in, experiencing and enjoying the environment. Looking through the lens with a photographer's eye you see all kinds of wonderful things that otherwise go unnoticed. You are guaranteed to come home with great memories and fantastic photos!


Nand Fiems (1947) studied interior design and then photography at the Sint-Lucas Institute in Ghent. As a professional photographer, he specializes in reportage, studio and aerial photography and teaches technical and aesthetic photography. Since 1990 he has traveled annually to Asia, Africa and America to capture the splendor of these continents.

Departure date: July 3, 2021

Tips & tops of Photo Tour Mongolia:

  • The overnight stays are part of your Mongolia experience; most of the trip you will stay in gers, traditional Mongolian tents.
  • A statue in honor of the Mongolian world ruler and national folk hero Genghis Khan has been erected outside Ulaanbataar. Climb the statue for a phenomenal view of the area and scan the horizon towards the East. Do you see in the distance the image of his mother waving to him?
  • The bearded vulture, Yol in Mongolian, gave its name to the Yoliin Am Valley . In the valley of the bearded vulture, permanent glaciers, endemic plants and rare animals such as Siberian ibex, argalis or bearded vultures and even the mystical snow leopard can be discovered.
  • Khongoryn Els are among the largest and most spectacular sand dunes in Mongolia and are known as the Singing Dunes for the almost howling sound when the wind whistles through the fine sand.
  • Try your luck at Bayanzag - one of the world's largest dinosaur graveyards - to search for fossil remains and stay until sunset when the red sandstone cliffs turn into 'Flaming Cliffs'.
  • Cut the rugged eroded rock formations of Tsagaan Suvarga or 'the white stupa' from a distance and see a ruined city in the image.
  • The Oni Temple is beautifully situated on a small but panoramic cliff, on a bank of the Ongi River.
  • You will experience the Nadaam festival in Karakorum , the ancient capital of Mongolia. Capture the wrestlers as they do a round dance with outstretched arms after their win, like an eagle's flight.
  • Lake Ögii is a picturesque freshwater lake where birdwatchers can indulge themselves and you can photograph enchanting sunsets.
  • In Hustai NP you have the chance to spot Prezwalski horses , red deer, black-black vultures and other numerous birds of prey such as eagles and falcons.


Daily overview

1 Arrival at Chinggis Khaan International Airport, transfer to Kempinsky Hotel Khan Palace Ulaan Bataar
2 Visit Gandan Monastery, Sukhe Bator Square, Bogd Khan's Winter Palace, Zaisan Memorial and Natural History Museum
3 Transfer to airport – flight to Dalanzadgad – visit to Vulture Valley, stay at Gobi Mirage
4 Drive to the sand dunes of Khongoryn Els, overnight Khongoryn Els Camp
5 Drive to Bayanzag or 'Flaming Cliffs', stay Bayanzag Ger Camp
6 Drive to Tsagaan Suvarga, stay at Tsagaan Survaga Camp
7 Over the Mongolian steppe to the ruins of the Ongi Temple, overnight in Ongi Ger Camp
8 Drive to the ruins of Karakorum surrounding Erdene Zuu Monastery, overnight Karakorum Ger Camp



Land of the 'mountain ghost'


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