South Korea Highlights

South Korea Highlights

South Korea Highlights

Discover the versatile South Korea

This 12-day tour takes you along the highlights of the versatile and relatively unknown South Korea. Travel to dynamic, cosmopolitan metropolises such as Seoul and Busan, where the streets alternate with futuristic skyscrapers, ancient temples and historic palaces. The shopping streets are dotted with the latest gadget stores, food halls and themed cafes. Visit ancient temples in beautiful landscapes and whike or bike to waterfalls and lava caves. Relax on one of the many expansive sandy beaches in South Korea. Discover versatile South Korea, where old and new traditions go hand in hand. Where the world can't find you...

Tips and Tops Highlights of South Korea:

  • Take the Jinachul, the subway of Seoul and discover the enormous diversity of the boroughs, hip neighborhoods and markets such as Namdaemon
  • In Seoul, enjoy the vibrant food scene in Donghae, the bustling student district of Jeonju, named a 'Creative city of Gastronomy' by UNESCO
  • Climb Namsan Mountain, where you have a fantastic view of Seoul from the observation deck of the 235-meter high Seoul Tower
  • Travels by KTX high-speed train to the former capital of the Shilla Kingdom, Gyeongju, located in a beautiful area
  • Visit the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) between North Korea and South Korea
  • Explore the beautiful area of Gyeongju by bike and visit the serene Bulguksa Temple and the Buddhist Sokkuram Cave
  • Step into the artistic metropolis of Busan from the ultramodern shopping centers onto the wide sandy beaches
  • In Busan, visit Asia's largest fish market and the artistic Gamcheon, where the most colorful murals compete for your attention.
  • Also look for the special birds in the Nakdong River Estuary
  • Hike or bike the miles of Jeju Olle trails to waterfalls and lava caves or relax on one of the many expansive sandy beaches
  • Take the most beautiful walks on Jeju and visit the Halla National Park, where you can conquer South Korea's highest mountain

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Daily overview

1 Arrival in Seoul
2 Discover Seoul by Jinachul, the local subway
3 Visit to the Demilitarized Zone
4 To Gyeongju, spiritual and cultural capital of Korea
5 Visit to Gyeongju and surroundings
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