St. Maarten

Unique melting course in the Caribbean

St. Maarten

Unique melting course in the Caribbean

St. Maarten

St. Maarten is a magical island with incredible coastline and impressive landscapes. The diversity is fascinating, you discover two different worlds on the same island when you explore both the Dutch and the French side. Feel the wind through your hair as you sail out to sea, admire the colorful underwater flora and fauna, and spoil your taste buds with Caribbean rum... All your senses are stimulated!


From pristine quiet beaches to steep rugged cliffs, palm beans and coconut palms to mangroves, St. Maarten treats you to colourful landscapes. From deep-sea diving, surfing to wakeboarding, horseback riding, hiking or an adventurous mountain bike tour, this paradise island leaves lasting impressions. The tropical climate creates a mix of sparse hills covered with thickets and cacti in the far west and a green and rich flora on the east coast. Mangroves, which form buffer zones between sea and marsh are the ideal breeding ground for birds and fish.


It's impossible to imagine anything other than shades of blue all around you. St. Martin offers a piece of paradise for anyone who likes swimming, sunbathing, sports or just relaxing. The beaches all have one point in common: clear and warm waters.

Every beach is a true gem. Discover long bay'slongest and quiet beach, where only the gently rippling waves break the silence. Head to Plum Bay's golden beach and marvel at the water that shows endless shades of blue. In calm weather you can snorkel here, at a good sing,Plum Bay is a fantastic playground for experienced surfers. Red Bay takes its name from the reddish hue of the sand and is one of St.'s most beautiful and popular beaches. Maarten. Between Red Bay and Pointe du Bluff is Devil's Hole, a natural deep hole in the rock where the waves explode into the sky as they collide with the rock. Enjoy an unforgettable spectacle.


Beautiful master houses that hark back to the slave period were preserved, while on the French side the small traditional Creole dwelling prevailed. Fine details, decorated and painted in vibrant colours, these cottages define the street life in Marigot and Grand Case. But also an 'aliturian influence', named after the architect Ali Tur, who combines a traditional style with modernity. Also an American touch flows through the Dutch half-timbered houses. In general, the colourful houses dominate the landscape and the locals take pride in it. These façades make you feel joy of life and a sense of welcome and kindness.


The aromas of St. Maarten are unique: a tasteful reflection of the sunny climate, the cheerful inhabitants and the cheerful traditional music. Grand Case, the island's gourmet main stand, is where the island's best chefs congregate. Countless restaurants satisfy all your culinary desires, it is a true melting pot for the taste buds. Be sure to try the traditional 'Locri', a spiced rice with chicken and vegetables, which everyone loves. Enjoy like the locals and sample a delicious grilled lobster or stuffed crab served in one of the 'lolo's' or open-air restaurants along grand case beach.

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