North Pole Expedition by Airship

Arctic fauna from a sustainable cocoon of luxury

North Pole Expedition by Airship

Arctic fauna from a sustainable cocoon of luxury

North Pole Expedition by Airship

The journey as a destination

Airships are durable, can fly autonomously for days, do not require a runway to land and therefore have access to the most unexplored corners of the world. The LTA vehicle can fly low to the ground at low speed so that you can fully enjoy the Arctic fauna from the air.

This voyage offers you the unique opportunity to participate in the first ever expedition to land at the North Pole by hybrid airship. After a flight of fifteen hours of which the route is selected to spot as much migratory game as possible, landing is started. You descend into one of the most inhospitable regions on earth for adventures in the polar habitats of beluga, narwhal, seal, walrus, polar bear, arctic fox, ptarmigan and red-throated diver. Where the world can't find you...

Departure dates:

Weekly from March to October in 2024 and 2025

Tips & tops of Expedition North Pole by airship:

  • Departure and end of the line Longyearbyen is the northernmost city of the planet on the island of Svalbard (also called Spitsbergen)
  • The journey has a total duration of 36 hours, you will spend two nights on board
  • The hybrid airship contains eight luxurious 10m2 double cabins with oversized windows
  • The expedition is led by Robert Swan, the first man in history to set foot on both the North and South Pole.
  • During the flight you will be pampered gastronomically by the famous Danish chef Jesper Vollmer
  • Once at the North Pole, you have no less than six hours for unforgettable sightings of wildlife and the Northern Lights
  • The speed of the airship varies between 37 and 110 km/h and altitude from 1,800 to 300 meters
  • The airship consumes approximately 75% less energy than an aircraft of comparable capacity
  • We are happy to put together a tailor-made travel program for you around this unique expedition
North Pole route map by airship OceanSky

Your tailor-made trip

Daily overview

1 Transfer from hotel to airship, briefing and embarkation, take off at 6:00 PM
2 North Pole landing at 9:00 AM, adventurous activities, lunch in the snow and panoramic flight over the Arctic landscape before the journey back takes off
3 Return to Svalbard at 6:00 am

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