Road trip Armenia and Georgia

The hidden gems of the Silk Road

Road trip Armenia and Georgia

Travel through the oldest cultural area in the world

Take this varied road trip through the oldest cultural areas in the world, along the hidden gems of the Silk Road . The road winds from ancient fortresses through fertile valleys to historic cathedrals, monasteries and cave villages. Be amazed as your driver leads the way, indulge in uninhibited local wines and cheeses and enjoy warm hospitality. Where the world can't find you ...

Tips & tops of Roadtrip Armenia and Georgia:

  • In Yerevan , be amazed by the innovative architecture at the seventh century Etchmiadzin - the Vatican of Armenia
  • Learn to bake Lavash bread and make the Armenian intangible UNESCO heritage your own
  • Explore the Azat River Gorge by 4WD and enjoy a picnic lunch at the 'basalt organ'
  • At the Bird Cave in Areni you will be initiated into the ancient traditions of winemaking and learn special techniques of wine tasting
  • You reach the Tatev Monastery via the 'Wings of Tatev', the longest suspension bridge in the world above the photogenic Vorotan gorge
  • During the drive from Jermuk to Dilijan you will enjoy unparalleled views over Lake Sevan and visit a local family farm where you will taste cheese aged in wine and brandy
  • From the beautifully situated historic Narikala fortress you have a beautiful view over the modern buildings, Orthodox churches, Persian baths, mosques and houses that are mixed like a hodgepodge in Tbilisi .
  • Visit Uplistsikhe - the oldest cave city in Georgia - and walk through the prison, theater and church in the central district
  • Make this trip in April/May or September, during the mild spring and autumn days
  • We can offer you this trip in different accommodation levels


Daily overview

1 Arrival Yerevan, transfer to hotel
2 Zvartnots Cathedral Exploration, Etchmiadzin Visit and Yerevan Day Tour
3 From Yerevan you will visit Garni Temple, Symphony of Stones or 'Balsalt Organ', Geghard Monastery and Matenadaran
4 With stops for Khor Viraop Monastery, Bird Cave in Areni and Noravank Monastery drive from Yerevan to Goris
5 Via Tatev Monastery to Jermuk
6 Route from Jermuk to Dilijan
7 From Dilijan to Tbilisi; border crossing at Bagratashen
8 Exploring Tbilisi
9 From Tbilisi to Akhaltsikhe, on the way visit Mtskheta and Borjomi Park
10 From Akhaltsikhe you will visit Vardzia. Lunch with a local family
11 Drive back to Tbilisi with stops in Uplistsikhe and Gori
12 Return flight


Stamba Hotel

Authentic warmth in historical jewel


Georgian capital with a rich history


The oldest city in the world in Armenia

Tatev Monastery

Apostolic monastery with longest cable car in the world


We are happy to help you put together your dream trip. Based on your wishes, our regional specialist will put together a tailor-made trip for you. A travel proposal with highlights you have chosen, the type of accommodation that suits you and the length of travel you wish for. Contact us without obligation. We are happy to advise you!


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