Faroe Islands

An isolated mosaic of unspoiled natural pearls

Faroe Islands

An isolated mosaic of unspoiled natural pearls

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Unspoiled, pure and deserted

The Faroe Islands are an isolated mosaic of eighteen islands in the northern Atlantic Ocean, where dark cliffs, green mountains and colorful houses set the scene. Connected by bridges and tunnels, the islands are the scene of Viking descendants and Irish monks, a small community rich in ancient traditions and culture. Known for its vibrant art and music scene, it is notorious for the controversial annual pilot whale hunt.

Nature is unspoilt, pure and deserted. Rough sheep mow the green undulating meadows, puffins hunt above the sea and northern petrels soar over dizzying chasms. Take advantage of the long light days and brave the constantly changing weather. You can make the most beautiful hikes, you can go mountain biking, which is a delight and you can enjoy the rides of your life on horseback. Explore the cliffs by kayak or helicopter before feasting on the local cuisine. Eat fermented lamb and fish, rye bread, black pudding and stewed rhubarb. Do you prefer more refined flavours? Then we reserve your dinner at KOKS, the only restaurant awarded with Michelin stars in the archipelago. Where the world can't find you...

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