Grandeur of the Habsburg era mixed with modern Europe


Grandeur of the Habsburg era mixed with modern Europe

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Natural beauty, atmospheric cities and world-famous wines

Stunning architecture, vital folk art, thermal baths and the most exciting capital of Europe after dark are the main attractions of Hungary . Nature varies from vast puszta where csikós have their own culture to mountain areas such as the Transdanubian High Mountains, the Northern High Mountains (Felföld) with a sub-alpine climate and the foothills of the Carpathians that protect the country from the real cold from Siberia. The Danube Bend is one of the most beautiful parts of the river and gives Budapest its charm. Or marvel at the shores of the Lake Balaton , the largest inland lake in Europe.

Large game such as buffalo and szalonta pigs can only be found in the reserves. Small animal species such as foxes, martens, otters, roe deer, wild boars, hamsters and the almost extinct bisam rats often live among the low vegetation. Many migratory birds come to the land and find their protected breeding grounds in the closed bay of Kis Balaton. In the wooded Bükk and Zemplén Hills in the northeastern part of Hungary is the habitat of owls, woodpeckers, raptors and forest birds.

Architectural treasure trove

From Roman ruins and medieval mansions to Baroque churches, neoclassical public buildings and Art Nouveau baths and schools. A journey through Hungary is characterized by architectural highlights. These are not only abundant in the capital Budapest. Also go on a discovery Szeged, Kecskemet , Debrecen orSopron . And visit Reök Palace in Szeged, the mosque church in Pecs and Gödöllő Palace, Hungary's 'Versailles' and one of the largest Baroque castles in the world where you can follow in the footsteps of Empress Sissi.

Natural Resources

Hungary has had an exuberant bathing culture since Roman times. The more than 300 natural thermal springs are used for medicinal and recreational purposes, from authentic Turkish occupation bathhouses and Art Nouveau palaces to clinical sanatoriums straight out of a Thomas Mann novel. Nowhere else in Europe are there so many thermal baths.


A tour through Hungary is a true taste explosion. Treat yourself to a luxury wine tasting of the country's world-renowned wines, from the great reds of Eger (bull's blood) and Villany and the white olasz rizling from Badacsony to the honey sweet Tokaj . Taste the traditional goulash, discover the widely available lángos and enjoy a sweet Gundel pancake.

Travel through the country known for its imperial past, folklore and hospitality. 'Where the world can't find you ...'





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