Honeymoon Suriname

Romance, action and relaxation

Honeymoon Suriname

Varied honeymoon

This trip lets you experience Suriname at its best in 18 days! Special honeymoon elements such as cycling to the Frederiksdorp plantation, a canoe trip on the idyllic Brokopondo reservoir and spotting river dolphins are alternated with multi-day tours into the interior. Experience the special and bird-rich Bigi Pan nature reserve by boat and get to know the Maroon culture at Danpaati River Resort . Take a boat trip together in the evening, enjoy the twinkling starry sky and search the water for caimans. As icing on the cake, the two of you fly to Kabalebo Nature Resort : the most unspoilt part of Suriname in the West. Because there are no people living there, peace and space dominate. Ideal for completely immersing yourself, spotting wildlife and letting nature act on you. Pure romance, Where the world can't find you...

Tip & Tops honeymoon Suriname:

  • The western districts of Saramacca and Nickerie are particularly pleasant and quiet; here time seems to have stood still.
  • Get on the pedals for an adventurous bike ride through the plantation district of Commewijne with a break to visit the former plantation Rust en Werk .
  • Go birdwatching, piranha fishing and swimming in the Brokopondo Reservoir on an adventurous canoe trip.
  • Spend the night in the middle of the Surinamese jungle with a view over the Suriname River at Bergendal Eco and Cultural Resort.
  • A boat trip through the swamp area behind Plantage Resort Frederiksdorp is highly recommended!
  • From Danpaati, head to Tapa Watra , a large rapid where you can enjoy a natural massage.
  • In the Upper Suriname area, walk to a Maroon village or through the local jungle and spot caimans during a boat trip.
  • Glide over the Suriname River with a cable car from the Adventure Center that is part of the Berg en Dal Resort.
  • Alternate activities such as forest walks, kayaking and wildlife spotting in the remote and uninhabited Kabalebo Nature Resort with relaxation in the silence of nature.


Daily overview

1 Arrival at the 'Zanderij' in Paramaribo – private road transfer to Torarica Hotel & Casino
2 City walk Paramaribo - overnight stay Torarica Hotel & Casino
3 Drive via Groningen to hotel in Nickerie – visit the Zeedijk and important Hindu temple - Residence Inn Nickerie
4 Boat trip nature reserve Bigi Pan – via Coronie back to Paramaribo - Royal Torarica Hotel
5-6 Bicycle tours Commewijne District and stay at Plantage Resort Frederiksdorp
7 Back to Paramaribo – Royal Torarica Hotel
8 Canoe trip Brokopondo reservoir – Bergendal Eco and Cultural River Resort
9 Day at leisure – Bergendal Eco and Cultural River Resort
10-11 By bus and traditional korjaal (boat) to Danpaati in the Upper Suriname area – Danpaati River Lodge - day at leisure
12 By boat and by road to Paramaribo – Royal Torarica Hotel
13-15 Scheduled flight in small plane from Zorg en Hoop Airport (Paramaribo) to Nature Resort Kabalebo and activities in the Amazon rainforest
16 Flight to Airport Zorg en Hoop and transfer to Royal Torarica Hotel
17 Spot dolphins during boat trip and visit the village of Johan & Margaretha - Royal Torarica Hotel
18 Transfer to airport and international return flight


Over Suriname area

Untouched nature, unforgettable adventures and delicious culinary surprises

Commewijne district

The plantation district

Bigi Pan at Nickerie

Wetland with exceptional flora and fauna


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