El Valle de Anton

Special mountain village in a volcano

El Valle de Anton

Village in the volcano

El Valle de Anton is a mountain village located entirely in the second largest volcanic crater in the world. The volcanic crater measures 8 by 5 kilometers and was formed about 5 million years ago when a large eruption blew away the top of the volcano. In El Valle, it's always spring. The nature is beautiful with large trees, flowers in bright colors and a beautiful mountain landscape with cool temperatures. There are beautiful gardens, thermal hot-water springs and several waterfalls. It is therefore not surprising that it is a popular holiday destination among the Panamanians. The biological diversity of this mountain region is great for nature lovers. There are several types of flora characteristic of this wet-tropical mountain forest. Native species such as the golden frog, which is unique in the world, are a famous attraction of 'El Nispero' Botanical Garden and Zoo.

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