Family trip introduction to Suriname

Adventurous cultural and nature trip especially for families

Family trip introduction to Suriname

Plantations, caimans and roti

Are you looking for a nice trip through Suriname and do you have children who are older than eight years old? Then we have the ultimate journey for you! Especially for the children, the travel time has been taken into account and there is plenty of free time both between and during the trips and a varied range of activities. Discover the Commewijne plantation district by bike and boat, admire the bird-rich nature of the Nickerierivier and Bigi Pan,learn about the slave history of the locals, and finish with a sun-drenched beach resort on Curaçao. Where the world can't find you...

Tips & Tops family trip introduction to Suriname:

  • During your bike tour of the plantation district of Commewijne, make a stop at the former Rust and Werk plantation.
  • From Plantage Resort Frederiksdorp there are several optional trips and excursions to book such as a beautiful boat trip through the mushrooms behind, highly recommended!
  • The Peperpot Nature Park, for centuries a coffee and cocoa plantation, is rich in plants and animals that are only found inland.
  • Enjoy the best rotis of Suriname in a small local shop in Commewijne.
  • In Bigi Pan you will stay in detached lodges that stand in the water of the nature reserve; the starry sky is beautiful in clear weather!
  • In Groningen, visit the sloth shelter.
  • In the untouched Upper Suriname area, get acquainted with the perfectly preserved Maroon culture; 'the best preserved piece of Africa outside africa'.
  • With a guide, search for caimans on a boat trip in the evenings.
  • Learn to prepare the most delicious Surinamese dishes during a cooking workshop in Paramaribo
  • After your fantastic exploration of Suriname, enjoy an unforgettable stay at Baoase Luxury Resort, located in a private lagoon on the south side of Curaçao.


Daily overview

1 Arrival in Paramaribo – private road transfer to Eco Resort
2 Bike tour of Paramaribo with overnight stay at Eco Resort
3-4 Bike tours of the Commewijne district with stays at Plantage Resort Frederiksdorp
5 By bike via Peperpot Nature Parc back to Paramaribo - Eco Resort
6-7 Start multi-day tour Nickerie and Bigi Pan – Akira Overwater Resort
8 City tour Nickerie – visit Wageningen and Coronie – Groningen – Apartments Bloemendaal
9 Day off in Groningen – Apartments Bloemendaal
10 To Paramaribo – Eco Resort


Over Suriname area

Untouched nature, unforgettable adventures and delicious culinary surprises

Commewijne district

The plantation district

Bigi Pan at Nickerie

Wetland with exceptional flora and fauna

Baoase Luxury Resort

Opulent oasis hidden in a private lagoon on the south side of Curaçao


We are happy to help you put together your dream trip. Based on your wishes, our regional specialist will put together a tailor-made trip for you. A travel proposal with highlights you have chosen, the type of accommodation that suits you and the length of travel you wish for. Contact us without obligation. We are happy to advise you!


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