Tour Untamed Suriname

Varied introduction to Suriname

Tour Untamed Suriname

Surinamese culture and nature

Suriname   far off the beaten track, that's what this unique journey shows you. Explore the authentic interior lands and get to know the people who still live in complete harmony with nature. Delve into the colorful culture on former plantations, in small villages and settlements of Indians and Creoles; sing and dance with the women of the Granman and help with baking cassava bread or doing the dishes in the river.

Nature lovers have also been thought of. Enjoy boat trips and walks through the Upper Suriname area and Palumeu. Spot wild animals and scour the skies for overflying parrots and toucans. Experience an unreal beautiful and unforgettable intense adventure, Where the world can't find you...

Tip & Tops of Tour Untamed Suriname:

  • This trip can be carried out entirely on a private basis; you travel by private transport and have your own guides on site.
  • In the Commewijne District you have a great chance to spot wild dolphins.
  • Unique stay on a restored coffee and cocoa plantation.
  • In the Upper Suriname area, the Saramaccan maroons live in the middle of the jungle. During jungle walks and impressive canoe trips across the river with rapids (sulas) and sandbanks, you'll pass villages, a local radio station and djumu health centre. 
  • You will travel from the Upper Suriname area by private canoe across the Suriname River to Kasindo River Lodge in Cajana.
  • Fly from the airstrip from Cajana to the remote island of Palumeu for a stay in the heart of the Amazon rainforest; optional is   an extension with the challenges the   Kasikasima expedition.
  • The population of the village, like their ancestors, uses for their livelihood what the jungle has to offer through hunting, fishing and arable land ('farmland').
  • Would you rather walk on your own, watch birds, fish, paddle or go to the 'boarding grounds' during your stay on Palumeu? Ask your guide about the possibilities.
  • You will get acquainted with traditional music and (arts) industry and will have the chance to learn how to shoot bow and arrow in Palumeu.


Daily overview

1-2 Arrival in Paramaribo – private road transfer to hotel Royal Torarica - city walk
3 Private road transfer to Frederiksdorp – Plantation Resort Frederiksdorp
4 Private road transfer to Paramaribo – Hotel Royal Torarica
5-7 Private road transfer to the Upper Suriname Area – Resort Pingpe - varied activities in the jungle
8 Private boat trip to Cajana – Kosindo River Lodge
9 Cajana – interaction with locals during daily activities – Kosindo River Lodge
10 Flight to Palumeu – visit Palawa Island – swim in the cool river water, massage in the waterfall – Palumeu Jungle Lodge
11-13 Hike through the Amazon rainforest, take a canoe tour of the Tapanahony River, and learn to shoot with a bow and arrow – Palumeu Jungle Lodge


Over Suriname area

Untouched nature, unforgettable adventures and delicious culinary surprises

Commewijne district

The plantation district


We are happy to help you put together your dream trip. Based on your wishes, our regional specialist will put together a tailor-made trip for you. A travel proposal with highlights you have chosen, the type of accommodation that suits you and the length of travel you wish for. Contact us without obligation. We are happy to advise you!


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