Over Suriname area

Untouched nature, unforgettable adventures and delicious culinary surprises

Over Suriname area

Rainforest and Maroon culture

The Upper Suriname area offers untouched nature, unforgettable adventures and delicious culinary surprises. In the rainforest live the Maroons,   descendants of Africans who were forcibly brought to Suriname by slave traders. They freed themselves from slavery and settled in the jungle. The jungle was their protection from slave traders. Due to its impenetrability and the great distance from Paramaribo, these tribes have lived almost completely in isolation for centuries, preserving their culture in a unique, almost perfect way. Surinamese Maroon culture is sometimes called the best preserved piece of Africa outside of Africa. Yet it is a culture of its own that has always been on the move. Wars, land grabs, natural disasters and migration have drawn the history of the Maroons.

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