Peninsula full of hidden treasures


Peninsula full of hidden treasures

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The treasures under the sand

Ask the fishermen. In port city Al Khor they can still vividly remember how pearl diving was done here. Today, oil and gas provide Qatar's income. The peninsula consists largely of desert, in which numerous treasures are hidden. There is the inland sea, the huge lake in the middle of the desert. Or the green mangrove forest thakkira , which can only really be discovered by canoe.

In Doha modern city life awaits. Residents stroll along the promenade, named after the engine of the old economy: the Pearl. In the capital, the old blends effortlessly with the new. Ancient Islamic art is housed in the state-of-the-art building of the Museum of Islamic Art . And both the traditional Arab market Souk Wakif as the Aladins Kingdom adventure park are an attraction. The distant history is hidden within the heavy walls of Zubara fortress . Once a military establishment, now cultural heritage and at least as impressive as the Emir's palace. The skyline of Doha is not inferior to that of its well-known neighbor Dubai. From the island of Safliya you have a beautiful view of the skyscrapers that stand out against the clear blue sky. And for those who get tired of this, there are plenty of water sports options: water skiing, diving, surfing.

In addition to all these treasures, there is of course also a lot of sand in Qatar. An excellent opportunity to improve your sandsurfing techniques. Moreover, the sunset is most beautiful between the sand dunes. And for those who don't want to leave the desert anymore, there is a Bedouin camp on the horizon. The camel will bring you.

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Kayaking through mangrove forest

Like a green carpet, the Thakira mangroves are rolled out along the coast. But the carpet has small cracks. Not a disaster, because this causes the water to seep over which you can kayak. To explore the mangroves while paddling.

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Culture sniffing in Doha

Art is not tucked away in a corner. Art gets the space. Old ceramics in the brand new building of the Islamic Art Museum. Or new paintings in the old souk.

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Doha skyline

It's like they're in a window. The buildings that dominate Doha's skyline are willingly admired from the waterfront. Gleaming with pride to all the attention they get.

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Forts Zubara and Al Koot

Forts of a bygone era. They have done their job but have not lost their status. They stare proudly into the distance. Their towers visible from afar. But their walls are not as impenetrable as before.

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Sea and sand

Water in the desert. It seems like a miracle, but it's true. The inland sea of Qatar suddenly comes up from the sand. Big waves do not need this sea to surprise visitors.

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Souk Wakif

To unravel the warren of alleyways, Souk Wakif has been completely rebuilt. However, getting lost is not a thing of the past. The souk is still a maze of narrow streets.

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Capital with allure

Modern architecture will not surprise anyone. But the combination with antique souk is surprisingly stylish. So is the hip boulevard with ancient Islamic art. Doha has taste.

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